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Years ago, we had a foster child who would become overly agitated whenever he had to make a choice. For example, offering him cake or ice cream for dessert, he knew he would be missing out on one if he chose the other. It caused him an excessive amount of grief.

Recently on twitter, I’ve felt a lot like he must have felt. There is a wealth of great links and information there, especially for writers. Add in facebook, and I could easily spend the whole day doing nothing but reading reading reading! But I choose not to. And in the process, miss out on a lot of great stuff.

Jane Kindred just tweeted about a new blog post “Pride and prejudice: wherein I delve deep into the crazy and scare the nice people. http://bit.ly/lMqBO5“.  Must read!

Jenny Schwartz is on fire with links at the moment:

I see “Victorian”, but my mind reads it as “Steampunk potential”.


British Museum shop online
and more from Jenny…

By the Victoria and Albert Museum

Explore the enchanting world of Walter Crane in our new workshop series, Crafting the Collection. Join artist Rosalind Wyatt to create your own colourful design with calligraphy and childhood illustrations!Drop-in to the Sackler Centre for this free event on Saturday 14 May, 11-4pm.
Of course, I have no idea what city, state, or even COUNTRY the Sackler Centre is in, but the “re” instead of “er” clues me in that it’s not the USA. This is a problem with internet information. People often assume that “Everyone knows what the Sackler Centre is!” not realizing that people my stumble upon the information from all over the world, with no context. I could waste another 5 minutes or more figuring it out, but, why?


And then Tiffany Reisz tweets “I have fallen in love with yet another Jewish guy.http://tinyurl.com/3ml3noq”  Yes, I click, thinking it’s just a moment of man-candy, but in fact it turns out to be a great article on a nice little moment for gay rights.

Daisy Harris tweets “Ha! Well, I got one thing right about the god Mercury. 🙂http://bit.ly/mpVXYV” but the link is just a Wikimedia image of the god, so I must follow-up-tweet. “Got what right? The shoes?” so she tweets back “Uh… higher up…” So I go back and look at the image again.  Oh… oh!

Amidst all this, I missed Sara Megibow‘s facebook offer “Have a publishing question? Open floodgates here on Facebook – comment your question here JUST FOR TODAY and I’ll do my best to answer them all….GO! :)” But that’s OK. There are plenty of people who’ve asked really great questions, and I enjoy reading through them all.

One last thing… last time I did a post about my twitter feed, the effervescent Scarlett Parrish asked that I pick something classy from her next time. So I prompted her. At first, I got a snarky “I CAN’T. I DO NOT KNOW THIS CLASSY YOU SPEAK OF.” in all caps. But the next tweet from Scarlett was quite inadvertently classy. “YOU GUYS. I just TOTLI finished editing STAY THE NIGHT.”

Congratulations Scarlett!  I dedicate this humble blog post to you.

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3 Responses to Wealth

  1. NC Narrator says:

    LOL…’nuf said. OK, not quite ‘nuf. The starting bit about the foster munchkin who had a meltdown about choices? Michael used to do that when he was tired. You had to clear EVERYTHING off his bed before he got to his room b/c if there was more than one stuffed critter he would realize he couldn’t cuddle them all. Next thing you know…stuffed critters were flying around the room and he’d be standing on the bed crying.

  2. Even with the kids who don’t have special needs, it helps to limit the choices! From day 1 with our big kid (who came to us at age 6) when we went out for ice cream, I would only read three flavors off the menu to her. It was a bit of a wake up call when she got old enough to read and realized that there were so many more choices! With our little one (to whom I gave birth) we usually make sure she only has 2 or 3 choices at a time.

  3. I had to laugh out loud at your mention of me! Here are all these wonderful people donating all sorts of time and energy to good causes, and there’s me: running the Marine Corps Marathon for the hot guys handing out Gatorade!

    Can I just say, the *real* reason I run the Marine Corps Marathon (two years in a row now and going on a third) is to raise money for Team Running Strong For American Indian Youth. I have raised $488 so far and will have at least a grand by the time I run in October.


    Not to detract from the Marines in their BDUs handing me sports drinks, though — they are AWESOME. 🙂

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