About Damn Time

Lately I’ve been feeling my overload-anxiety in a keen way. My hopes and plans of finishing my WIP in a spurt of inspiration fell flat when household and other real life priorities intervened. I had hoped to do a workshop on querying through Writer’s Digest with an agent I admire, but since I don’t have a polished manuscript ready, I didn’t participate. Money is tight at the moment, too, so that was probably for the best.

It’s all about time… damn time, or the lack thereof. Sometimes I wish I did have that bubble I could climb into and get all my own priorities taken care of while the outside world is on pause. I have interview questions to write. I have interview questions of my own to answer. I was able to finish my proofreading, although my very first submission was turned in a day late, which doesn’t exactly make me look like a reliable person. I have a meeting at church tonight, and although I’m not nearly as involved in committees and activities as I used to be, I still feel those two little hours a month are taking me away from all the other commitments I’ve made.

I try not to overload… either myself, or my children. But it’s starting to feel that way again.

To make matters worse, we got a notice from the school district that since my daughter won’t turn four till after school starts, she will not be eligible for preschool this year. She needs this; she needs to socialize with other children and do more than just run around with Mommy every day. I need this; I need to have some time when I can work undisturbed for more than an hour. But we can’t afford to put her in a private program or daycare outright, so it looks like it will wait another year.

I ended up outlining the end of Under the Radar because so many other demands got in the way that I was losing the thread. I’ve added less than 1,000 words to my WIP (With the working title Mama Mia) in the last few days. In the past month, I’ve only had a couple days where I was able to have a chunk of time more than 2 hours to work on it. I wish I could write it fits and spurts, but when I do, it’s crap. I’m a good writer. I hate it when I crank out crap.

The theme of the WIP is the difference in time between Earth and Kingdom Come and how it affects the characters. So I think I might have my new title…

About Damn Time

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