Self-Sufficient Storylines

Did you ever wish someone else would finish your story for you?

OK, maybe most writers would actually hate having someone else take over our stories… our babies! But I do admit I really wish there was a simpler way to get the stories out of my head and down onto the paper. I tend to ramble when I speak, so the voice recorder is only good for making notes. I need pen and paper or a keyboard to write coherently.

So maybe I’d hate having some other writer… someone who obviously doesn’t share my vision, finish my stories. Heck, I get ancy just getting notes back from my beta-readers and editors!

And yet I’ve decided to ignore my control-freak predisposition and OCD and seek other people to finish my stories.

All right… I don’t want to think of them as my stories. They’re more like glorified prompts, where I chose the settings and main character and put them in an initial situation. I did that to try and make sure that we had several different choices. For romance, we have one Regency, one Paranormal, and one that’s all ready to introduce a sexy cowboy or two! For Science Fiction, there’s one set up to be fairly serious, one that could be really funny, and another that could go in any direction at all.

In the original “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, the writer purposely wound the storylines back into each other. It had to be that way, or the book would be enormous! There were actually just a few endings the reader could find.

In the blog version, each link represents exponential growth. Each writer can take the story in a completely different direction, inserting bits of backstory that might have absolutely nothing to do with the way another writer took the plot. But that’s the fun of it!

I hope that this part of my blog will soon become self-sufficient. I’ll probably jump back in every once in a while, and write another bit of the story that is several degrees removed from the beginning. Ideally, the stories will take on a lives of their own, and more and more writers will participate.

And have fun!

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