Interview with Charity Kochsato

Charity Kochsato , the Violet Duchess of Drakeshead, grew up as the daughter of County Finborough in the Duchy of Fallcastle. After graduating with honors from Bressler University with a degree in Social Services, she spent several years serving the Kingdom in both a professional and volunteer capacity. The world witnessed the opening of Drakeshead, the newest duchy on Kingdom Come just a few months ago.

1) What inspired you to go through the process of qualifying for the pool of noble candidates?

I had already filled most of the requirements through my education and work experience. After working in the field for a few years, I felt called to take my service to the Kingdom to the next step, to make it a lifetime commitment.

2) How did the offer come?

The offer came via messenger, and it was actually presented to me in a very attractive box. In fact, at first I thought it was an early birthday present from someone! But then I saw that it was from the White Queen, and my heart stopped. Of course, I had hoped for an offer to come, but I was surprised and honored to receive one so soon.

3) How did you feel when you saw the names of your prospective spouses?

Of course I recognized Royal’s name right away. The funny thing is, although Grey and I had met a few times, I did not even recognize his name! He reminded me of this during our honeymoon. It was quite embarrassing, really! Fortunately he has a good sense of humor and a thick skin.

4) How was the honeymoon?

Wouldn’t you like to know? Actually, as Dukes and Duchesses, a lot of our honeymoon was spent touring the duchy. Our days were rather busy, but I can now appreciate the tradition of having us each paired off for one day and one night during the first week. That really gave us a good chance to begin to get to know each other.

5) And now? Do you feel you know each other?

I think that really knowing someone takes a lifetime. Yes, we know each other better than anyone else now that we’ve been married for a few months, but there are always new things to discover, not just about each other, but about ourselves.

6) What was it like moving so far from home, to the wild lands of Drakeshead?

It was quite a civilized adventure. Although the Duchy did not officially open till after we had been installed, the Kingdom had been building a basic infrastructure there for years. Kochsato, the capitol city, had several buildings built in the core, including our residence and offices. But touring the undeveloped lands is very exciting.

7) Have you been very busy?

Not as busy as my husbands and wives. Royal has been busiest of all, because as the White Duchess it is up to her to fill the county seats. Most White Duchesses come into their duchy with their predecessor having taken care of everything for decades, and they simply have to take over the role. But we’re building the new duchy from the ground up.

As the Violet Duchess, I have not been as busy. My job gets busy when we have a larger population, or if there is some emergency situation that occurs. I have been grateful that I’ve been able to help my spouses in various ways during this time.

8) In what ways have you helped them?

Part of the job of being a Duke or Duchess is making public appearances, and going out to meet the people. While the others have been frantically busy creating the structure and organization we need as Drakeshead’s population grows, I’ve been the one to do most of the public appearances. I’ve also been able to get out and talk to the citizens who have chosen to make their lives here on the frontier.

9) Are you happy with the population growth?

Yes, we are very happy! It is a challenge planning and ruling when our population is increasing exponentially, but that is healthy at this point. The problem will be if that rate either doesn’t slow down eventually, or if it suddenly tapers off. We must continue to offer new opportunities for people.

10) What does Drakeshead have to offer for people who might be considering moving west?

It is so beautiful here. We have a seacoast in the east, mountains to the west, and a thriving neighboring duchy to the north that has all the accoutrements of civilization. With such a high rate of growth right now, there are all kinds of opportunities for people to take or create.

11) Of course, we were all thrilled to hear the announcement that Royal is pregnant! Will there be more children on the way soon?

I hope so! We are all quite happy together, and we are looking forward to creating not just a successful duchy, but a loving family as well.

12) Did you find love in your arranged marriage?

Of course! All my spouses are so wonderful, I could not have been more fortunate.

13) What advice would you give to any young people out there who might be thinking about applying to the pool of noble candidates?

I think the most important thing to realize is that it is the biggest commitment a person can make. You are committing to a lifetime serving the Kingdom, as well as a marriage that is far more than a political alliance. Also, it is important to keep in mind that only a small percentage of candidates ever receive an offer. Just because you are qualified, or even the best at what you do does not guarantee you will be selected.

14) What would you say to people who criticize the idea of any political office being held for a lifetime?

First of all, it’s not a lifetime like the ancient dukes of Earth who reigned till death. It lasts till we all retire, hopefully at a ripe old age. But the original settlers of this planet wanted to have a political structure that was better designed for the long term. They did not want the problems of having the fickle populace becoming disgruntled with the status quo every four years and demand a change of everything the previous administration had worked for. This system has served us well for hundreds of years. Secondly, outside of the Kings and Queens, Dukes and Duchesses, and Counts and Contessas, almost every other political position on Kingdom Come is elected.

15) Do you really think the populace is fickle?

The voting masses of Earth, Luna, and Mars centuries ago certainly were! Our citizens are much more intelligent and informed.

16) When do you think you will you retire?

I think the White Queen purposely made sure the new Duchy of Drakeshead had a wide age span, more than ten years between the oldest and the youngest. So we can retire anytime between Redford’s sixtieth birthday and Lawson’s. I tend to think it will be later, not earlier, but that’s decades away and many factors can influence the decision.

17) What will you do when you retire?

Oh my! I just started my reign, I haven’t thought much of retirement yet! But I hope to have many grandchildren by then to dote on, and I suppose I will have my favorite Charities to keep me active.

18) What are your favorite charities?

I’m not sure whether my parents had a crystal ball when they named me, or if being given the name “Charity” planted a seed inside my psyche. The people I worry about the most are those who slip through the cracks, the ones who are living paycheck to paycheck but really have no buffer to save them if some little thing happens. It’s not always a catastrophe like the folding of a company and loss of a job, it can simply be a short illness in the family that sets them up for trouble. I want to make sure everyone gets the help they need.

19) How do you make sure people are getting the help they need without needlessly creating a burden of people who simply expect to be given what they want whenever they put their hand out?

That is one of the most challenging aspects of my job. I have a keen staff working with me, and we always have that very question on our minds. We must be sure that people who need help can receive it, while making sure we don’t create an enabling system.

20) Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

I’m sorry, the names sound familiar, but I don’t recognize them. Was that a Shakespeare reference? Or Star Wars? I get my ancient literature mixed up at times!

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