Interview with Tymothy Longoria

Tymothy Longoria is a pre-published writer known for his encouraging words and retweets for other writers. He has a children’s book called The Sad Little Robot as well as a full length work for adults called The Stories.

“I love my God, my Fam and my Tweeps. I am a Writer, currently editing my first novel, The Stories. Legends Will Be Reborn. Believe it.”

1. How long have you been writing? How long have you been serious about writing?

I can honestly say I’ve been writing since I was about 17 years old. I started writing short poems and that led to writing song lyrics.  I’ve been serious about writing…for two years

2. What social media do you use? Do you have multiple accounts or pages on any?

Yes of course. I use Twitter and Facebook. I frequent Twitter more these days but Facebook was started when I began writing seriously. I have my one Twitter account and one Facebook account for both personal and professional use. I do, however have a Like page devoted to my book The Stories and page that is meant to help others be who they are, so to speak. To remind them that what they love is part of who they are. It’s called We Embrace That Which Defines Us.

3. Besides the social media sites, how else do you use the internet in your writing?

Great question. I use the internet for research of course but I do have a blog called Aspire No More. There is no format or definite structure. Whatever pops into my head, I write it there. I’s been a great way to share my writing in general. I also use the ‘net to write for the New Authors Fellowship blog.

4. What is the New Author’s Fellowship?

It is a blog for unpublished writers by unpublished writers. Its mission, if you will, is to provide posts that are full, rich in thought and writer wisdom. We are all Christians as well.

5. What is your favorite electronic or digital writing tool?

My favorite tool is my Gateway wireless pc. It does what I need it to do and the MS Word program is superb.

6. What is your favorite non-electronic writing tool?

My trusty comp book-full of notes, names, story titles, ideas, and everything in between. I’ve had the same one for two years. I love it.

7. If you could define the parameters for an entire new genre of writing, what would it be?

Hmmm…wow. Now this is a question to ponder. I don’t know if anyone has said this but…I think a new genre would be something like this. “I thought of a great story and I want to write it.” I didn’t write it with young or old in mind, but both. Neither modern nor ancient but a mixture of the two. Where technology and magic collide. What would you call that genre? The parameters? New, upcoming artists a.k.a. writers, writing what they want. Writing what they feel in their heart.

8. If you were living in medieval times, would you rather be a scribe, or a bard?

Well, right away I’d say bard. But upon further reflection I would have to say scribe. I’d do it may way.

9.  How did The Sad Little Robot begin? What did it turn into? Where’s it going?

The Sad Little Robot began one night when my wife, Jennifer and I were talking about what we liked drawing as kids. I liked robots. Typical boy, I suppose though honestly, it wasn’t that typical in my “circle”.  She enjoyed drawing flowers in park settings. A peaceful garden.

She drew a picture of a robot on a swing. It dawned on me. What if I wrote a story about a Robot who searches the world in search of friendship? What if I made him to be sad on this journey until the day came where by chance, he meets his one true love? The Sad Little Robot was born. I wrote it for my wife on our 10th Anniversary. It turned into a childrens picture book story and I’ve thought of many more adventures for Robut.  I hope it will be published early next year. 

 10. Have you ever considered self-publishing?

Yes. That was my initial plan. So as I began plotting and creating character names, I started researching the different “big” name self pub companies like Lulu and iUniverse.

11.       What process have you been through with your WIP? Are you querying yet?

Process. Write as much as possible, daily. That was most important for me. Just to write. I’m sure many others may associate with this: I create as I go. The plotting is less than the spontaneity.

12. If you had to pick just one quote from “The Stories” to share in this interview, what would it be?

“Tell me!” she screamed. “Do any of you dream? Huh?! ‘Cause I don’t! Not anymore! By Logos…neither will any of you!”

13. Many authors, especially in science fiction, tend to ignore the idea that their characters might have faith or attend church. Those books that do mention religion tend to make it a focus. Is it possible for a science fiction book to mention a character’s faith without it becoming an overwhelming theme?

I happen to think it is possible. Your question “Is it possible for an s/f book to mention”. Again I say yes. I personally think it can be answered this way. Some may agree or disagree. If a character is “white”, the writer should make that known, somehow, but it does not become overwhelming that he/she is white or black or of Asian descent. It’s just who they are. The same thing goes for a character’s beliefs. It is what the character believes. Not what drives the story/plot. Although another question to ask then, would be does this person’s faith affect the story or not?

14. How does faith, or religion, or spirituality play a part in your books?

I am glad you asked this question. It plays a major role. Faith that is. Without giving anything away, my personal faith has been my greatest inspiration for the story that happens before Book One. In my book there is one “God”, Logos, translated as the Word. In the Bible, the Word is Christ. While there is no “character” named Christ or God, or even a stated “religion” there is a very clear indication that the beliefs in this real world are echoed in The Stories. Some may call it allegory, I choose not to. I wrote from what I knew. From what I know. The story took on a life of its own, very early on. But those themes are present.

15. What part do art and music play in your writing?

Wow. I think an easier question would be what part do they not play?  Art. Music. It is left unsaid that they are a great inspiration for all writers, creators. Again, my belief in a Creator, who through art and music inspires me to create, is what compels me to seek these muses out. I have always been a great supporter of both and when I began writing seriously it was a marriage made in Heaven. They provide great joy, anger, and raw emotion. Things I needed to accomplish this book. I owe music and art a tremendous debt of gratitude.

16. Who did your book trailers? What point were you at in your writing and editing when they were made?

I made them myself. The first one was made out of sheer excitement. I think I was maybe 20k words in. It was then that the aforementioned excitement compelled me to ask a few people to read what I had written so far. Their words took my confidence to a new level. It was then that I created the first one. The second trailer was made about the time I was writing the last two chapters. I should note, the words in the first trailer were the first thing I ever wrote for the Stories. I edit as I go.

17. You have a reputation for aiding other writers, such as retweeting announcements a cheering them on. Why is it important to you to support others, even those who aren’t ready to query yet?

I love your questions. Really, I do. Again, my faith is the primary reason I do what I do as far as sharing. It is important to me because it is important to them. I know what they feel. I see them. I see into their hearts. Before I’m called a witch, heh, what I mean is this. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The second reason I support others. I remember telling an ex-coworker of mine, “If you’re cool with me, I’m cool with you. It you’re not cool with me, I’m still gonna be cool with you.” Meaning? I’m going to help you if I can in any way. If you don’t reciprocate, fine. No loss for me, because, we each are our biggest supporters, right? We have to believe in us before any can truly believe in us. But I will continue to support you. I know your dreams I have the same ones! I want you up there with me. As far as those not ready to query, it is a great boost in confidence and strength when another person shares your work or a simple tweet.  Those not ready will one day be those ready. Those ready will one day be an agented, or published writer.

18.   Many writers admit that they go through periods where they hate what they’re working on. Does this ever happen to you?

Since devoting time to writing I’ve written The Stories and am working on a horror short as well as a short for a Collection. I’m not one of those. If we hate what we’re doing, there’s no desire to do it. Same for a 9-5 job. If there are writers out there who feel this way, you know I love ya, but no, I’ve never hated what I was writing. Though…I am just starting.

19. Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Upon closer examination of the facts and the 1977 original…it was all Han.

20.   When the day comes that you are on stage, accepting some prestigious award, who are you most likely to forget to thank?

Han. No. This is exactly something I would do. I really don’t know how to answer this. But more than likely my 7th grade GT English teacher Mrs. Fromme. So I’ll do it now.

Thank you, Mrs. Fromme. Thank you. For telling me…that I could.

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15 Responses to Interview with Tymothy Longoria

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  2. River Jordan says:

    You guys did an awesome job! I can honestly say that I am glad to know the glimpse of Tymothy’s heart that he shares. Thank you for this. ❤

  3. Renee Rowell says:

    Excellent interview! “I know your dreams I have the same ones! I want you up there with me.” That’s what sets you apart. Blessings!

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  7. There is hope, Renee. A true and lasting hope. One of mine is that all will accomplish there God-given dreams! :}
    Be blessed!

  8. That was an awesome interview! There honestly aren’t many people out there (both in the real and virtual worlds) who are as genuinely supportive and kindhearted as Tymothy. I am honored to know him–even only virtually. Nicely done, you guys!

  9. Jamie, my Bro. What a comment. Thank you. I do not take your words lightly. I will say that true friendship surpasses all limits-even the virtual ones.

    I, too am honored to know all of you. That is yet another way I am so blessed. Again, thank you. Much to accomplish!

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  11. Allie Burke says:

    Amazing interview, Tymothy. I’ve always said you are an inspiration to many. You never fail to prove that fact with words such as these. Absolutely loved reading this.

  12. M. Leighton says:

    It comes as no surprise that this just makes me love and respect you even more, Tymothy. I can’t wait to watch your career SKYROCKET!!! I can think of few other people who deserve it more:) And Allie, thanks for bringing this to us. Your questions were truly inspired. Love to read your posts! I usually laugh:) I think we may have been separated at birth…not sure…

    Michelle Leighton

  13. I love this interview. It is wonderful…and it shows how wonderful Tymothy is, too. I love you, Tym. You make me proud to call you my #BNFF! God has seriously blessed you my friend, in many ways, not the least of which is talent. You will go far in the writing world…and in His kingdom. Just continue to seek Him first…and He WILL give you the desires of your heart. ❤

  14. alexiapurdy says:

    Great interview! You are such an inspiration! I am a proud witness to the many great things you have done and will do! Thank you for everything.

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