SyFy Q of the Day: Stasis Pods

I hope they bring back Stargate:Universe

Before I even started this blog, I would occasionally pose a SyFy Question of the Day to my facebook friends. Sometimes, it was directly related to what I was writing, and I really did want some input to help me decide what direction to take with the story. Other times, it was purely fun. Here’s one of my favorites, from May 2011:

SyFy question of the day: Should a stasis pod be designed for a person to sit, stand, or lie down?

Tim                        Fetal position take up less room

Jeremy                 Stand with a window in the front so they can wave at you when you put them in stasis. Lister Style.

Joel                        The one on the Red Dwarf has one standing up.

Peter                     I agree with Tim – Fetal position

Alan       Lying down, ‘cos of greater surface area over which to spread the weight of the “resident” – standing puts the same weight on a smaller area (the feet)…and how many chiropodists you gonna have when they come out of stasis?!!! As for sitting down, those legs muscles are gonna lock.

Jess                        Levitate horizontally…seems very syfy and perhaps even a muscle manipulating massage done by varying pressure through out stasis “session” to avoid muscle soreness, joint degradation etc.

AB                          Stargate SG-1 Universe (Not SG1) had them standing up, Lister Style, not even leaning on anything. I agree with Alan Willis, but I like Tim Shott’s idea of the fetal position. Maybe a kind of couch pod that lets people be semi-fetal, semi-lying down…

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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