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Although I have a lot of work to do on my WIP, I usually take some time out each week to participate in the bi-weekly prompts from The Red Dress Club. I believe it was AB Keuser who first introduced … Continue reading

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Giddy Crit

I had expected my first real critique to inspire self-loathing, and perhaps a panic attack. I even dug through the recently cleaned stuffed animal bin to find one that I could use as a kind of security blanket while I … Continue reading

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Interview with Charity Kochsato

Charity Kochsato , the Violet Duchess of Drakeshead, grew up as the daughter of County Finborough in the Duchy of Fallcastle. After graduating with honors from Bressler University with a degree in Social Services, she spent several years serving the … Continue reading

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Introducing Charity

I’ve mentioned before that I often take inspiration for my female characters from Pre-Raphaelite artwork, especially the works of John William Waterhouse, whom I adore. (By mentioned I don’t necessarily mean here on this blog; knowing me, it was probably … Continue reading

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