SyFy Q of the Day: Dwarfism

Before I even started this blog, I would occasionally pose a SyFy Question of the Day to my facebook friends. Sometimes, it was directly related to what I was writing, and I really did want some input to help me decide what direction to take with the story. Other times, it was purely fun. Here’s one of my favorites, from June 2011:

SyFy question of the day: In a positive future, will dwarfism in humans be “cured”, or will it simply be one of many body types?

Geri                       One of many body types – but the physical issues (joint weakness, malformation, etc) will be easily repaired/avoided.

AB                          I started outlining a story where some characters were “normal short” and others were short enough to be considered “dwarf” or “little people”. But when I looked up actors for inspiration, the bio described an actual medical condition.

I like the idea of treating it like I do autism… no, not “cured”, but it is simply something that requires a little adjustment to one’s lifestyle. It is no longer disabling.

Shane                   Those with “dwarfism” will prove to be of a more survivable genetic makeup than everyone else. Non-dwarves will perish while the dwarven races survive and take the place of the inferior Tall Ones.

Geri                       Yeah, I would like to point out that it was the tall dinosaurs that bit the meteoric dust

Juno                      More survivable agreed. That Tyrion Lannister fella is one shrewd dude.

Shelley                 I dont know…it seems to me that actual dwarfs would probably choose not to be if offered another option. Im trying not to to play into political issues just TRYING to see another perspective.

AB                          ‎@Juno… Tyrion is exactly who planted this seed in the first place!

Juno                      Busy ol’ chap Tyrion, always runnin’ around plantin’ his seed.

Patty                     It’ll be the norm. survival of the fittest.. they need less food and fuel…

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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