Who To Interview?

Photography by Sandra Kimball

The idea of posting interviews on my blog was an early idea that has worked out well. I love doing them, and it gives me a good anchor of something I do every week. Only once have I missed a Friday when an interview fell through, and I filled in with a fictional interview of one of my characters. I am prepared to do that again at any time!

I started finding my interviewees from my twitter feed; writers I liked or was curious about. My connections with Star Trek Phase II also provided some interesting subjects, such as next week’s interview with Dave Galanter. Sometimes I contact someone and say “Hey, can I interview you?” Sometimes I announce “Who wants to do an interview?” and I find volunteers.

I like combining the well known with the not-known-at-all. For one thing, it is easier to prepare an interview for a pre-published writer. They often turn out to be really interesting people, and the tiny bit of publicity they get from my blog helps them get their name out there too. The well-known authors have the advantage of already having a following, and I get more blog hits. Sometimes I find myself in over my head as I research a subject, hoping to compose an interesting and relevant set of questions, but I keep uncovering more and more interesting facts till I’m in an avalanche of possibilities. I might reach out and try an interview with someone who is widely celebrated, such as George Takei (Wouldn’t that be great?) but besides the difficulty in getting a busy celebrity to agree to an interview, it would also be much more work for me to make sure I’m looking into all the different things they’ve done and are currently doing.

After Dave’s interview will be a subject who is neither a writer nor related to the publishing field. John Quinlan is a former wrestler, a male model and a family man. I first came across him while searching for a picture to illustrate a story for The Red Dress Club. The story was about a narcissistic actor, so I needed to find a picture of a man who was Hollywood handsome. Also, my friends had been joking recently about how adding “man candy” to blog posts always increases the number of hits lol! As I frequently do, I went to Wikimedia.

Photography by Sandra Kimball

Wikimedia is great for bloggers because it has tons of images that are free to use. With a little searching, I decided on this photo to illustrate the story “Postcard“. To my surprise, I began getting hits to the blog because people were googling John Quinlan. I didn’t even know who he was! But the search kept showing up on my dashboard consistently. I decided to take advantage of this, and used other pictures of him a couple of times.

Then, my twitter friend and author Cassandra Carr asked “OK, whose picture do you want to see shirtless on my blog?” (See previous comment regarding man-candy and blog hits.) I asked for Christian Slater and John Quinlan. She came through on both counts.

Fast forward a few weeks, and both Cassandra and I were surprised to be contacted by John himself! He’s a real sweetheart, and was quite flattered to be featured on our blogs. Cassandra dedicated a post to him and he kindly chimed in the comments to talk to the readers.

I would love to see John on a romance cover someday! Nothing’s sexier than a man who not only has an incredible body, but does right by his wife and kids. I’m looking forward to interviewing him.

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7 Responses to Who To Interview?

  1. Lisa says:

    AmyBeth, just loved this post, not only because of the “eye candy”—heeeheee!…but, also, I love that idea of doing interviews for your blog. I’ve been interviewed once or twice on others’ blogs. It’s fun. I will have to revisit this for my own blog. I also loved how you shared resources about free pics too. Wow, that just rocks! Thanks for helping me start my Sunday with smiles.

  2. I’m so happy to make you smile!
    I was so very happy to find Wikimedia. It was frustrating no being able to have images on my blog unless I took them myself. I found a political cartoon once I wanted to use, but it took the owner a week to respond, and then it was a little paperwork and $20. Not too much, but I’m not about to spend $20 each week, much less several times a week. Another picture I found would have been absolutely perfect for a Steampunk post I did, but the owner never did respond to me.

    Interviews are so much fun! I’m not Barabara Walters, and I have no intention of imitating her. I like to keep things lighthearted, to give the reader a glimpse into the real person behind the words, and to give my interviewee a chance to share whatever they feel like sharing or promoting.

  3. Lisa says:

    My editor found a cute image for the cover of my book proposal on that Deviant Art site. I asked the owner of the image and he was so nice, wrote me back right away, etc. I was shocked. I once asked an artist to buy rights to use an image for a website and I received a nasty-gram back. Ouch. I also like to use Flickr (their Creative Commons License section) for free images. I hear you about having to pay, etc.

    I love the fun interview style. I’m so down-to-earth and just love that…I resonate 🙂

  4. Love your process on finding folks to interview. And it’s interesting how they respond. Proves that we are all people.

  5. you are amazing in your interviews. i don’t always comment, but I ALWAYS read. Keep them going!!!!

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