SyFy Q of the Day: Mythbusters vs. Lawn Gnomes

Before I even started this blog, I would occasionally pose a SyFy Question of the Day to my facebook friends. Sometimes, it was directly related to what I was writing, and I really did want some input to help me decide what direction to take with the story. Other times, it was purely fun. Here’s one of my favorites, from August 2011:

SyFy question of the day: At high noon, the lawn gnomes attack. You can have one of the MythBusters to help build your defenses. Who do you choose?

G+ answers

Jessica:                 the guy with the glasses!

Tony:                     Adam cause he can blow stuff more efficiently.

John:                     Adam. When something completely crazy and unexpected shows up you need someone who is completely crazy and does unexpected things.

Jamie is more methodical in his approach to things. Adam does things by the seat of his pants.

Jonathan:            Jaime, for his pure cunning and plotting strategy. And Indiana Jones and MacGuyver.

Facebook answers:

Emily:                    Adam, if it doesn’t go well at least we’ll have a good laugh!

Tyler:                     Main Mythbuster: Adam, if whatever we do doesn’t work it may just blow up and destroy the gnomes anyway. From the build team… Tory, just have him ride a bike around the yard and when he crashes he will take all the gnomes with him.

Robert:                 GRANT, the robot army to save us all. Save us Deathblow!

Tyler:                     Jamie or Grant would be the more logical choice however… But I do not know if it would be the funnest choice.

Mark:                    I don’t need any of them as I have the firepower to kill lawn gnomes…but if I had to choose, Kari or Jessi cuz my son prefers the girls….me, I like Grant…we could have a heck of a lot of fun once I showed him some guidance control techniques for missiles.

Kirk:                       Hmm… tough one.. but I am going to have to say Tory.. I need someone that can be easily manipulated into wearing the Electric Impulse Suit and he kinda looks like good Lawn Gnome bait

Mark:                    Did you know that Jessi, the blond girl graduated from WyoTech in Laramie?

US_Nessie:         Really? Cool!

Jeannie:               Mcgyver… Yeah I know he is not a mythbuster but who else do you know that can get out of a sticky situation with just bubble gum?

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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