This is My Office

Someday, writing will be my day job.

Someday, I will have an office to where I retreat, where people understand “She’s working.”

Here is what will be in my office.

First of all, it will be in Robert Heinlein’s old house in Colorado Springs. It doesn’t matter that it has been extensively remodeled since he designed it to be the house of the future… it’s in a gorgeous location and the idea of the history in that place means a lot to me. I’ve never been there. I’m not sure what the current floor plan looks like, but I would use one room for my actual office, and other areas would be open to friends and peers. Perhaps I would host a write-in for NaNoWriMo? Or provide other writers at any point in their careers a place to escape to and write undisturbed. Like a smaller, lighter version of a writers’ colony.

I would gather those objects that are meaningful to my writing. The books my friends and interviewees have written, some of which are signed. And there would be artwork… if I could have a digital frame that simply played the same gif over and over, I’d take just the two second loop of the elephant jumping on the trampoline and place it in a hallway. In another area, near where visiting writers would visit, I’d have this video of advice to beginners. Sound would be optional.

Brian Dettmer's book art

And book art! I’ve seen many on-line galleries showing fantastic artwork made out of books. Some, like Brian Dettmer, carve individual books. Other art uses whole books as building blocks.

On the walls I’d have some place for all the tidbits I find, and art by my kids. I’d also have a place for images I use for reference like this gorgeous portrayal of orbital latitudes.

By Rrakanishu, via Wikimedia Commons

And then… then I’d have room to add. Because I’m always finding things that inspire me.

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