One Week to Go

This Round is over in about 10 days. I definitely fell short of what I wanted to accomplish, but more importantly I learned a lot about myself and how I write. I also developed more as a writer, getting a little better at picking up those smaller bits of time, even though that’s still a weak point for me. Next week I’ll talk more about what I’m going to change for the next round.

The strong point with my OCD is that I keep the blog pretty up to date. It’s not the most scintillating content, but I have an interview every Friday, SciFi Question of the Day every Tuesday, and these updates on Wednesdays. In between I often post something random. On the fiction side, sometimes I do prompts with groups like Write on Edge, and every Monday I add a chapter of What Would Have Been.

I do have one extra special bit of news to share… this weekend I got my first ever publishing contract in the mail! It’s for an anthology of office-supply related erotica called Felt Tips. I feel so honored to be included… it’s for charity, so I’m not making money, but my story (Which is SciFi Erotica) will be alongside many other names of writers such as Tiffany Reisz whom I’ve come to know and respect. I’ll do a whole post about this later!

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6 Responses to One Week to Go

  1. Congratulations on your contract and the anthology! I’m about to submit to an anthology call and I am already biting my nails. 🙂

  2. SQUEEEE congrats on the contract – wonderful news. And it sounds like you are having tons of ROW80 success to rave about even if you didn’t hit all the goals. The lessons learned are going to help you continue to rock it out and maximize going forward – woot woot! 🙂

    • Thanks!
      One of the things I learned this round is, even though writing every day is a very good practice, there are so many other daily things a writer needs to do (Like social networking, which is how I met the editor of the anthology) that I can still be productive even on days I’m not writing.

  3. Julie Glover says:

    Yippee about the contract! Congratulations. I always learn something else about myself and my writing through these ROW80 challenges. I haven’t always reached my goals, but I do think I make more progress than I would on my own. I hope you’ve found the same to be true. Keep kickin’ it ’til the end! Happy Round!

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