This morning, like many mornings, I woke up with stories on the brain, telling myself that I would get right to them.

And then I went downstairs.

…and let the dog out.

…and took care of the dirty dishes that were attracting ants.

…and fed the child.


Well, I’m a Mom. Even with a darling, relatively non-demanding, adorable four-year-old, there is an endless list of “stuff” that I still feel needs to get done before I indulge this writing thing I do.

Is this an indulgence? Or is it a job? Am I fulfilling the promise I made to my husband that this time I would send something to an agent or publisher?

I have a publishing contract. That means the world to me… the recognition that, yes, my stuff is good. Or at least it can be… some of what I write isn’t so great, but that’s fine. It’s still good exercise. Tom Hanks had a great quote… “I’ve made over 20 movies, and 5 of them are good.” That is gold for anyone doing anything creative. Not everything you produce has to be a huge hit.

In a few weeks I’ll be rewriting my goals. I need to finish this semester of teaching, which is using up more time than I’d anticipated. Summertime brings a whole host of time-management issues, from having kids out of school to hubby and I going to work on the Spring Star Trek, Phase II shoot.

Maybe I need to find a new time to write.

Maybe I need to write…

…before I go downstairs.

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