Felt Tips

Felt Tips

This December, on 12-12-12, I will have my first story published. I’m so excited! It’s a SciFi erotic short called In the Closet, for an anthology of of office-supply related erotica.

Felt Tips is the dream child of Tiffany Reisz. She attracted more than 40 authors to contribute to this anthology which is a labor of love to benefit children who need school supplies.


The goals are good. I won’t list them all. I’ve checked off several, and the regular daily stuff is still going strong. I don’t do a thousand words every day, but I do it several times a week. Sometimes I do more!

I’ve critiqued one of Geri’s stories, and I have a couple of others still do do. The most time-sensitive task is to read through and make notes on the Star Trek Phase II script for Bread and Savagery. I’ll be working on scripts and continuity during the shoot at the end of June.

Hope everyone else is having a good round!

News from John

My friend John Quinlan did a whole photo shoot just for romance writers! He has a wide selection of professional images ready for purchase and use for covers. His first cover is Captive Fantasy by Anne Mayburn.

Congratulations John!

The shortlink to this post is http://wp.me/p1qnT4-M9

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