Figure Out What Works, Then Change It

Yeah. That wasn’t supposed to make sense. But how often in life do find ourselves doing something for odd, convoluted reasons that just don’t seem to make sense?

Like my current sleep schedule. Which is largely shared by my 4yo.

I could turn this into a Mommy-Blog-Post about how frustrating it can be to establish a regular sleep pattern for your kids. Suffice it to say, it is frustrating. And in the end, we found something that works for us, even though it isn’t exactly normal.

I’ve always been a night owl. I don’t stay up partying, I stay up and enjoy the quiet after everyone else has gone to sleep. When I worked the swing shift back in the nineties, I loved it! I’d get off work at ten or eleven at night, go hang out with friends for a while, then off to bed. At other times in my life, I’ve had different schedules.

Whatever works.

Right now, what works is for hubby to take our 4yo up to bed around 11:00. I stay up for a few more hours, which is when I have my best writing time. Hubby gets up fairly early in the morning and drops the 13yo off at school before he goes to work. Our little one and I usually sleep until at least 10:00.

It’s hard to admit that I usually sleep so late. But this is what works for us. At least for now…

This morning we went to the Memorial Day Parade, which we do every year. This year was even more special because we rode on the church’s float. For me, getting up at what most people would consider to be a “reasonable hour” is like getting up in the wee hours of the morning.

I found what works. But then I had to change it…

I was going to take a nap this afternoon. But hubby took the 4yo upstairs, and I was busy at the computer… I decided to skip it.

But now I can’t keep my eyes open, so nap it is.

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