Ray is Gone

This morning I found out that we’ve lost one of the greats. Ray Bradbury passed away at the age of 91. Besides the notable classics such as Farenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury was the master of the short story. I can remember reading his shorts and thinking “I want more!”

Ray Bradbury wrote every day, even to the end. When I look at my ROW80 goals, I think about that. There is something to be said for writing every day, even if it is only a hundred words. Sometimes those hundred words turn into thousands. But even on the days where all a writer produces is the equivalent of a greeting card, at least it keeps the writing habit alive and well. It’s exercise.

My goals are winding down. I’m ahead on my interviews and the SciFi Q of the Day posts so I won’t have to worry about those while I’m out of town on the StarTrek shoot. I one of the crits I’d promised, but I have another yet to do. I’m only slightly ahead on my Marie Antionette serial. I’d really like to actually finish it before the shoot… possible, but not easy. I picked up a short story off the shelf and revamped a scene to use for a Write On Edge prompt, and got so many great comments, I decided I wanted to finish it. The problem is being concise, since it’s really worth about 4k I shouldn’t push it out to 8k of unnecessary words.

I’ve read through the Bread and Savagery script, and re-watched the old episode Bread and Circuses. I still need to do some outlining, and otherwise prep for the two weeks, but it’s possible we’ll still have some changes to the script before filming starts.

So, next week I’ll link up as usual, but the last two weeks of June I might not be around so much.

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