Darn… Almost Made It!

Me, watching my 13yo daughter’s track meet.

I purposely put off writing this update because I was oh… so close to accomplishing something big! Last week began as a good week of writing for me, but it crashed towards the end. I wrote several chapters of What Would Have Been, my Marie Antionette Story, and I think I can finish it in just two or three more chapters. Undisturbed, I could do that easily in one afternoon.


I’m a Mom. Such a thing does not exist.

I have to admit… some days, it wasn’t all disturbances, it was also distractions. But I tend to get very stressed when I just know that I’m going to be disturbed sometime in the next hour… and I don’t know whether that disturbance will be during minute :03 or minute :53. It’s like Chinese water torture, waiting for it to happen. Like now. My teenager will arrive home sometime in the next 45 minutes. It could be 2 minutes… it could be 42. I’m writing this blog post anyway. But would I dive into my WIP or try to wrap my head around a story knowing I was about to be interrupted? Not likely. What I am likely to do in that time is…

Oh look… a kid… BRB…

Five Hours Later…

All right. One track meet down, hubby is serving dinner, and now I can take a few moments to finish this post, and hopefully hop around some other ROWers’ posts as well.


Spend one more week wrapping up stuff before I dive in. I had some great 2k+ days, then some 0.2k days last week. We finally received a long-awaited reimbursement, and I might indulge in a portable word processor that would let me take my WIP to the track or the park… or bed! I can better gauge what’s a good goal for me once I start using the portable machine and finish the old project.

The shortlink for this post is http://wp.me/p1qnT4-PQ

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1 Response to Darn… Almost Made It!

  1. KM Huber says:

    Time, and our awareness of it, has such an interesting effect upon us but perhaps for moms even more so. Congratulations on being so close to finishing your manuscript–that has to be exciting–I wish you all the best in this round of ROW 80.


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