Good Frickin’ Grief

Me in handcuffs

I knew there was something I was supposed to do yesterday… Oh Yeah! My Wednesday ROW80 check in!

Summary: Acceptable levels of daily writing. If not for one Saturday of handing kids to hubby and squirreling myself away, it would have been a disappointing week. (OK…for future reference… disappointing has one “s”, two “p”, and one “t”. Why I can never type it correctly in the first place, I may never know.)

What I did accomplish was to start catching up on my fictional blog. When I was sick, I did manage to do most of my regular blog posts here, but I totally let go of the fictional blog. (Not to be confused with my fiction blog, where I post excerpts and shorts.) The fictional blog (The Sojourners Guide to the Galaxy) belongs to the characters in my WIP, the Pangalactic Sojourners series. Now, if a single blogger gets sick and misses posting for a few weeks, in the long run that doesn’t look too bad. But the fictional blog is written by five fictional characters, and it would not be logical to pretend they all got sick at the same time when they live in very different areas of the country. Fortunately, WordPress allows me to fake the dates on my posts, so I can type something today and make it look like I posted it weeks ago. I plan to fill in some blog posts so it doesn’t look like there’s a weird gap in the blog.

What I screwed up, but is not irredeemable is my entry into the America’s Next Author contest. I didn’t feel too badly about missing round one, because the story I picked had to be cut back from 6,500 words down to only 5,000 and it really needed to be polished. But I thought I had until Tuesday afternoon to upload it for round two, and it turns out that the deadline was Monday night. So, I missed rounds one and two out of eight. I hope I can make a big push and get lots of votes… actually winning would be spectacular! Hmm… time to plan some guest blog posts to promote it…

The other thing I need to do is prepare for NaNoWriMo. Not just finish the WIP, but cook and freeze meals ahead of time. I think a Costco trip is in order…

Ooooh! Shiny! Another group I belong to is planning an anthology. More on that later…

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2 Responses to Good Frickin’ Grief

  1. John Holton says:

    For me, it’s “cemetery” and “judgment.” I keep wanting to put an “a” in the former and an “e” in the latter. Good luck with “America’s Best Author.”

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