#5MinuteFiction Week 125 Winner!

I was so glad to have the opportunity to host this week! I’d do it again anytime.

Much gratitude to Dave Galanter for judging, and for putting up with my paranoid e-mails saying “It’s almost time! Are you ready?”

Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to Tauisha Nicole, this week’s winner! Here is her winning entry:

Tauisha Nicole @shells2003

“Just drink it.”

Paul looked at the mug in his hands with much speculation and hesitation. “What is it?”

“Drink it, dude. It’ll put hair on your chest.”

“I’ve already got that.”

“You’ll grow more when you drink that, man.”

Shrugging, Paul decided to do as his friend, Andy suggested. He took a hefty gulp of the mysterious brew.

Within seconds, that brew spewed forth from his lips in several directions. Andy laughed, unable to control himself.

“What on earth was that, dude?” Paul was incredibly angry.

“Spruce beer.”

“Spruce what?”

Andy chuckled. “You heard me. My grandfather only makes the best, or so I’ve been told. People come to his cabin in the mountains to compete for it at least once a year.”

Paul rose a curious brow. “Random strangers make the trek out there?”

Andy shook his head. “The natives there. They swear by it. Good stuff.”

Paul sat his mug down. “In what universe?”

“It grows on you.”

“That the hair you talking about?”

Andy laughed and slapped his knee after taking another gulp of his beer. “No. My grandfather used this drink to discipline us. Whenever we ran too far off in the woods, or untied his horse, or tried to scare the girls silly when they tried to sleep at night, we had to down a shot of this stuff. Nasties stuff to a twelve year old. Best thing on God’s green earth now.”

Paul shuddered. “I’d do whatever he said if he threatened to make me smell it.”

“Dude, it’s just spruce molasses and yeast,” Andy scoffed. “Be a man. This is why you’re still single. You’re too afraid to embrace new things.”

“And I suppose married people embrace new things?” Paul pointed out. “You’ve had the same woman for five years.”

“And I’m glad,” Andy smiled. “I met my wife when she came to compete for some of this stuff. Instead of winning the beer, she won me.”

“Some consolation prize,” Paul smirked. “You suck.”

“Well, at least I’m happy,” Andy took another hefty drink.

Paul had to agree.

Tauisha wins a copy of Dave Galanter’s Mere Anarchy. Congratulations!

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  1. Boogie says:

    You go turtle!

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