SciFi Question of the Day: Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead on AMC… although they never say the word “zombie.”

SciFi Question of the Day: What kind of zombie-apocalypse preparations would also have non-apocalyptic benefits?

Facebook Answers:

  Douglas S Caprette  Most.  Expect the Mormons to survive the zombie apocalypse.

  Zachary Navakuku   Shotguns, Chainsaws, and Landmines all have practical home security Applications.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen   Shotguns, chainsaws, sure… but Landmines? Really?

  Al Hartman   Digging trenches is good exercise…

  Zachary Navakuku   Hey, I was awfully tempted to mention Anti-Tank Mines useful for the oversized zombie brute mutants in the Post Apocalypse and against government forced censorship attempts in the non-apocalypse, but I figured that was stretching it for you unprepared folks.

  Daniel Beard   Laying in cans of soup. they go bad in five years, so at least you know what you are having for dinner tonight.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen   I’d like to have a good, rotating supply of canned goods. A pantry that I can refill from the back and take stuff out from the front. So the cans were’re using might be a year old, but it means we have plenty in case we’re snowed in or something.

  Terry Morgan   Why Mormons?

  Geri Bressler   My grandma had the biggest pantry I’d ever seen – she was Mormon, and she always told me that she was supposed to have 7 years of food (or something), but that she didn’t have enough room for it. To this day, I feel like a bad parent if I don’t have enough food in the house for at least two weeks.

  Al Hartman   Clown makeup is always useful for kids parties… Zombies won’t eat clowns, they taste funny!

  AmyBeth Fredricksen And Geri has chickens!

  Geri Bressler   Bandaids…those things are money!

  Geri Bressler   I do – and they’re giving us tons of eggs!!

  Geri Bressler   Brown ones, green ones, the occasional pink one…

  AmyBeth Fredricksen   I want a hot plate powered by pedals, like a bike. Sort-of Gilligan’s Island style!

  William J. Teegarden Guns and ammo, lots of both. Always come in handy no matter what the occasion: zombie apocalypse, keggers, second terms, or removing pesky Occupiers.

  Douglas S Caprette Terry asked: “Why Mormons?”

Geri answered: “she was Mormon, and she always told me that she was supposed to have 7 years of food (or something”

I always heard one year such as AmyBeth advocates. And yes, that is the reason.

  Geri Bressler One year sounds more reasonable than seven! I’m trying to picture seven years worth of food…Pretty sure you’d need an extra house or two to store it! LOL

  AmyBeth Fredricksen On “Doomsday Preppers” they sometimes have storage containers (Like you see on the back of a semi truck or used to ship goods across the ocean) buried in their back yards.

Google Plus Answers:

  Ben Guilfoy  Gardening.

  Tiffany Marshall  Establishing buddy-systems.

  Pat G  A number of organizations use Zombie prep as a lead in to real emergency preparations. Just about everything you can do to prep for zombies works for more mundane situations – except maybe stocking up on decapitation tools.

  Glenn Rogers  Twinkies.

  AmyBeth Inverness  OMG yes! I totally forgot about the Twinkies!

  Samuel Falvo II  Building your own set of radios or solarphones.  It’s a really fun hobby, you get a great sense of satisfaction from completion, and when the zombies attack, you still have a means to stay in touch without the oversight of a central authority (single point of failure).

  Samuel Falvo II  Also, building your own computer, for similar reasons.

  Samuel Falvo II  +Pat G Decapitation tools like axes and/or crowbars are used extensively in rescue efforts after a major earthquake.

  Ben Guilfoy  Good luck finding Twinkies until someone buys that brand or the mediation takes an upward swing.

  AmyBeth Inverness  Which is more important… the twinkies, or the decapitation tools?

  Jennifer Coleman  Making your own beer

  Ben Guilfoy  If only the world was more like a videogame, and decapitating your enemies yielded rewards such as Twinkies…

  AmyBeth Inverness  OOhh +Jennifer Coleman good point! And great for barter in case of long-term outages. I bet +Christopher Clark would go for that!

  Jennifer Coleman  I also…uh….spin yarn. (No laughing at my extreme nerdiness)

  Jennifer Coleman  My bro makes knives too. That would be useful. Knives don’t need reloading

  AmyBeth Inverness  +Jennifer Coleman I know several spinners, actually! A very useful skill, as well as a fun hobby!

  Jennifer Coleman  It’s very “zen” for me. I don’t even care what I’m making….lol

  Richard Erickson  Non-perishable food and weapons, grow your own food,store water … okay everything you do in preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse is beneficial  🙂

  AmyBeth Inverness  Not sure about “everything…” over on facebook they’re arguing for decapitation tools and landmines…

  Richard Erickson  lol

  Lason Strike  Keeping a large herd of swine would be beneficial in any apocalypse.  And they eat zombies for lunch.  There’s no better way to dispose of a body.  Seriously, pigs have thousands of uses, some as yet undiscovered.  We need a George Washington Carver for pigs.

  Christopher Clark  Sorry I was working, had a show tonight.

making grain ethanol would be good even on a short term, because it can be fuel and wound cleaning… and drunken sexy zombie parties

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  1. Since plants grown in low gravity tend to be spindly and weak, in what way could that trait be exploited to make gourmet salads?

    If a spiral tube slide went from the axis of the spinning space station (micro g) down to a playground at earth-like apparent gravity, what would that be like? Too scary?

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