Sci-Fi Q of the Day: The Tidy-Bowl Recliner

Lazy BoytydbowlSciFi Question of the Day: Will the Tidy-Bowl Recliner ever be as popular as the Lazy-Boy Recliner?

Facebook Answers:

  Dan Bressler   I think it already is. Sometimes in our family we fight over who gets to use the Tidy-Bowl Recliner.

  Dale Thelander   S**t if I know…

  Daniel Beard   Better than the system that was on the Orbiter. There it was designed so that the fecal matter actually did hit the rotary impeller.

  Dale Thelander   Translation:  The s**t hit the fan.  Must’ve had the Walowitz toilet installed.

  Dede Pazour   Have you seen Idiocracy? A stunningly accurate dystopian film about the future. (Comedy, my foot. That movie FREAKED ME OUT!) And, yes. There will come a time when mankind can’t be peeled from the boob tube for ANY reason.

  James Braziel depends on what side the drink cup holder is on

Google Plus Answers (public post):

Christopher Blanchard    Yes. It will get it’s start with the Korean gamer market, and make its way to Japan, and slowly to American gamers. Eventually, it becomes popular with the elderly, and slowly starts to make its way into mainstream.

Google Plus Answers (SciFi and Fantasy Writers Community):

  Dan Thompson  Only in Japan.

  Rie Sheridan Rose  Hopefully not, because the getting up to use the toilet is the only exercise some people ever get!

Google Plus Answers (The Whoniverse Community, and I added “Does the Doctor have either in the TARDIS?):

He has everything in the TARDIS.
  Patricia Lavery   You mean the loo?If so, I’m sure he has one,imagine trying to find a public bathroom in the outer reaches of the Universe!

  Jo Heywood  If AmyBeth is in Australia then its actually a chair—

  Patricia Lavery  Either you’re punking me or it doesn’t show up in the USA catalog[it means toilet cleaner here,the infamous” blue water”]

  AmyBeth Inverness  I’m in New England (as in the northeastern USA.)

Yesterday my hubby commented on something I’d posted on facebook… but I realized he was in the bathroom! He actually took his tablet in there with him.

The Lazyboy is a big comfy recliner chair. And yes… Tidybowl=blue water in the loo! (And I don’t mean what happens after an Ood has been in there.) I bet if they made a big comfy toilet my hubs would be the first to go buy one.

  Patricia Lavery  Well Tidy-bowl wasn’t in the linked ad that I could find.I’ll have to take your word for it.I always hear that men go in there for privacy,and that cellphones sometimes suffer a dreadful fate!

Google Plus Answers (Sci-Fi Community):

Ashley Loftus  Possibly but probably unlikely.

I’m no expert but so far as I’m aware, the last true contender was the BarcaLounger, which people were only aware of because of Friends and even still, despite the huge popularity of that show, I’d say more people seemed to be pining after Lazy Boys still.

But I could wrong…it’s happened once or twice 🙂 lol.


  Martin Heine  What about a massage chair with AI or fuzzy logic

Google Plus Answers (Science Fiction Community):


I hope not

I am alarmed to think there is such a thing.

  Jenn Thorson  I don’t know. But I won’t be visiting that home. 🙂

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  1. Gollum vs. Oopma-Loompas… which is scarier? What would happen to Gollum if someone hid his precious in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory?

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