A Round We Go

ROW80LogocopyHere’s the goals, pretty much the same as last round:

  • Continue with the regular blog commitments. This is so easy, I won’t bother going into detail. The “regular” stuff I do on my blog is all routine now and fairly easy to manage.
  • Write at least five days a week. Although adding to the WIP is, of course, most desirable, writing counts as blog posts (both real and fictional ones) responding to prompts with short little things I share with other writers, or jotting down something in a notebook because I’m away from the computer. Here’s what constitutes writing:
    • 500 words: not great, but acceptable.
    • 1,000 words: an average day. Good, but not great.
    • 2,000 words: the goal… the high mark, the number I strive for, even knowing that most days I won’t be able to reach it.
  • I still have one elusive goal I’m chasing… I can usually do #1k1hr as long as I’m warmed up and in writing mode. But I have yet to break the #2k1hr barrier. I’ll keep working at that!

This semester I’m teaching again, so part of my time is committed there. But I’m trying to work on a way for this to help my writing career instead of hurting it… Teaching means I’m making a little extra money, and I can put some of that into childcare. I don’t have an office since I’m only teaching one class, but there are study rooms available. I can go in to do both a little uninterrupted writing as well as the class prep I need to accomplish.

My previous goals said “write every day.” I know I won’t be writing on the days I teach; my brain is too fried when I’m done. But if the other days can all include at least 500 words, I’ll count my round a success!

About AmyBeth Inverness

A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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