SciFi Q of the Day: Serenity Crew at Hogwarts

firefly-9069__400x320SciFi Question of the Day: If the Serenity crew had gone to Hogwarts as kids, what houses would they have been in?

Facebook Answers:

  Dale Thelander EVERYBODY’S!  

  Tyler Tygur Gurdak They would have had to invent a new house just for them. This house would be called Serenity.  

  AmyBeth Fredricksen I think Book was in Slytherin, but his mysterious past changed him greatly since those days.  

Kaylee and Wash are Hufflepuff, I think, and Inara is Ravenclaw. Jayne was Slytherin. Simon and Zoe were Griffendor, but I really don’t know if Mal was… yeah, I think maybe he was.  

And River? They had no idea what to do with her, but she was kidnapped by dementors anyway.  

   Lloyd F. Barry Swift Please. They are all in Ravenclaw, especially River. Except Jayne. He heard there were ghosts and he got the f on out of there.  

  Juno Suk I dunno but whichever house got Wash wins Quidditch from then on.


  Dale Thelander Has anybody read the comics that explain Book’s past?


  Lloyd F. Barry Swift I have. I highly recommend it.  

  Derri Herbert 

Gryffindor – Bravery, daring, nerve & chivalry

– Mal  – Wash – Jayne (chivalry may be missing, but he has the others in spades) – Simon Hufflepuff – Hard work, patience, loyalty & Fair play 

– Zoe – Kaylee 

Ravenclaw – Intelligence, knowledge & wit  

– Inara – Book 

Slytherin – Ambition, cunning & resourcefulness 

– River  

Google Plus Answers (Firefly Community)

  Rey Lucas  Gryffindor!
+Rey Lucas All of them?
  Nathan V  Kaylee would be Ravenclaw, no doubt.

Ya hero’s come from Gyffindor!
  Margaret Leber  They’d all be in the Nut House.
Golly Ned, there’s a limit to crossover…  

Chris Scott

Likely, Book would have gone to Hufflepuff. He has that kind of “neutral, but still capable” thing going on.

On the other hand, Mal and Jayne would definitely be Gryffindors, what with their big damn hero moments.

Nathan V

Something to keep in mind: the way the Houses in the movies were treated was different from the way they were treated in the books.

While the movies used the Houses as an excuse for the Good-Gryffindore/Evil-Slytherin dichotomy, the books gave more attention to all four Houses. Even the movies couldn’t avoid important plot points that break down the whole Good-Gryffindore/Evil-Slytherin idea.

  Alain Van Hout  To me, Book seems more like a ‘reformed’ Slytherin student to me (remember, he wasn’t always a preacher 😉 )

Nathan V

I’d say Jayne’s merc attitude would fit fairly squarely in Slytherin. He wasn’t really “evil”, but he was willing to do what it took to gain power– in his case, money.

Like, ahem, another Slytherin, his conscience kept him from his conviction to power, but not before it caused some serious problems.

Mal is Gryffindore. Why are we still talking about this?

  Alex Ander  Here’s my choices, with varying degrees of certainty:

Mal: Gryffindor
Zoe: Definitely Gryffindor
Wash: Hufflepuff?
Jayne: Definitely Slytherin
Inara: Ravenclaw
Kaylee: Definitely Hufflepuff
Book: Hmmmm… hard to tell.  Perhaps Ravenclaw?
Simon: Ravenclaw
River: Possibly Ravenclaw

Nathan V

+Alex Ander Kaylee sleeps in the engine room. How is that not Ravenclaw?

  Ed Lozano  Yer scrambling my brain, AmyBeth!


+Nathan V What makes that Ravenclaw?

She works hard, she is faithful and honest and respects authority.

  Jennifer E  I think I’d sort Kaylee as Ravenclaw as well because she’s a genius, but on the whole I think +Alex Ander nailed it!

Google Plus Answers (Speculative Fiction Writers Community)

  Katherine Traylor  Mal: Either Slytherin or Griffindor, depending on his mood at the time of sorting. Zoe: Griffindor, baby! Wash: Hufflepuff (or maybe Slytherin, depending on what hidden depths he had). Inara: Ravenclaw, or maybe Griffindor. Kaylee: Hufflepuff or Griffindor. Simon: Ravenclaw to the max. Jayne: Slytherin, of course. River: …Griffindor? She’s more like Ariana Dumbledore than any of the other HP characters. Book: Could have been any of them.

Google Plus Answers (Sci-Fi Community)

John Boolen

Jane; went to slyth

Mal; gryff

Wash; gryff

R. Tam; more like hagrids monster

S. Tam; Hagrid
Inara; ravenclaw
Dareal Gryff
Kaylee; hufflepuff
I could be wrong, because I’m not a very good sorting hat.

Google Plus Answers (Public post)

Gwenny Todd

Ooooo.  Well, Jayne is DEFINITELY Slytherin.  LOL

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