SciFi Q of the Day: Badonkeria

BadonkeriaThis planet you’re vacationing on has a “badonkeria” on the main street with many people going in and out. What kind of business is it?

Facebook Answers

  Gwendolyn Wilkins A bakery owned and operated by prostitutes – you can get some buns and then get some buns  
  AmyBeth Fredricksen ~rimshot~ You win the interwebz!
  Dave Mac Yea…… I think Gwen about nailed it.  
  Dale Thelander A whorehouse specializing in curvy women.
  Daniel Beard damn, running about 20 min too late. Well done Gwendolyn.  
  Lori Munnoch Gaudet That’s one place I would not want to eat at.  
  Stephonie K Williams A place where you can go to be “donked” by animals like cows, donkeys, horses. And you can watch other people and animals be donked as well. 

  • Note: donk is a word that my 4 (almost 5) yr old has used since she started forming longer sentences. As I understand it donking is either being bucked by, kicked by, or butted by some animal larger than her. Maybe a badonkeria is where you can see animals from different planets donking.

      Melissa Conway A club where one may dance their badonk-a-donk off!
      Box O’ Munchkins Bookstore
      Teresa Bonnick Oh, its an Espresso bar!

    Google Plus Answers (Public Post)

      Darren Landrum   A honky-tonk for nerdfighters?
      Brooke Johnson  Noodles and live theatre.
      Linda Dean  Local fish n chips.
  • I’m sorry, I’ll go….

      Joanna Staebler-Kimmel  Cafeteria-style poledancing.
      Jennifer Coleman  Custom order burlesque
      Christopher Blanchard  A brothel that specializes in fat bottomed girls.
      Trevor Douglas  it’s a cafe that serves alien schwarma
    Sounds like a place with public bidets — roman style. 😉

    Google Plus Answers (SciFi Community)

    Why, that’s where you buy the badonka-donks of course. <nods to Tracy Morgan>

      Bob Bouchard  A place where one can purchase large pasteries filled with donkey.
      Brett Freeman  Thanks +Bob Bouchard, now I’ve got a craving for Tijuana Long Juans. (Think I just threw up in my mouth a little…lol 🙂
      Bob Bouchard  Hah.  Maybe I should have let my imagination percolate a little more before answering.
    Look. It’s obviously a Ye Oldde Malt Shoppe.
      Brett Freeman  +Bob Bouchard Nah, as far as I’m concerned, you won. 🙂
      AmyBeth Inverness  Make mine a honkey-tonk badonkadonk! Love me some Trace Adkins.
      João Rita  You go in, get your badonk imunization of the week, and go out and about, no longer worried you’ll spontaniously combust.

    Google Plus Answers (Science Fiction Community)

      Nick de Vera  Badonkadonk enhancement.
      Doug Grayson  In the native language, a “badon” (BAY-dun) is a group of animals.  A “keria” (ker-YA) is a house, typically in a large portion of land.  The two words combined become what the Earth-English language would define a “zoo.”

    Google Plus Answers (Speculative Fiction Writers Community)

      Dan Thompson  Well, when I said it out loud, the “badonke” portion of it sounded like slang for rambunctious sex, so I would have to think it was some kind of brothel, and given the crowds going in and out, a very good one. 😉
      Lorena Lombardo  Sounds like a panaderia or a carniceria. Which is a place that sells all bread related goodies and a place that sells all meat related goods. So, basically a badon could be pretty much anything and you could sell lots of things related to it as you wished 😛
      Zachary Besterfield  It is a cafe that serves a variety of beverages, made of Badonk extract, that allows shoppers and tourist to forego sleep, so as to continue shopping and touring. There are no side effects, so many budget minded visitors consume inexpensive Badonk rather than book pricey lodgings.
      Susan Benedict  It’s a small transport station vs. a Bandonk which is a major hub for transportation to other galaxies. A Bandonkeria is good for transporting around the planet and within a particular solar system. People tend to meet up so there are places to get a drink, a snack, and a plug in for information.
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  1. Upcoming questions:

    Why would there be ninjas on the moon?

    If you had the choice of settling with colony A, which had only modest resources but was planning a democratic government, or colony B, which had plentiful resources but was planning a monarchy, which would you choose?

  2. To have enough soil for a wealthy Loonie to plant an actual lawn and garden under the city dome, would they be able to start with the moon’s actual substrate and add nutrients and water to it? Or would they have to import actual dirt from Earth?

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