SciFi Q of the Day: Canines

Usually I choose which of the SciFi Q’s to turn into a blog post based on the quality and quantity of comments across the board. But I have to admit that this time, although there are some great answers, I chose this one based primarily on David Collins-Rivera in the Google Plus Speculative Fiction Writers Community.

I’m going on hiatus for the month of April! I’ll still be asking questions, but this will be the last one I turn into a blog post until May.

K9SciFi Question of the Day: Switch any two canines (live or robotic) from two different SciFi shows. What happens?

Facebook Answers:

  Sarah Barnard K9 takes over the first Enterprise, Porthos piddles all over the Tardis. 

  Barry Gavin K9 gets galactic a to earth faster  

  Cee Wu Daggit Muffit from original Battlestar Galactic w/ Astro from the Jetsons…Electro-Barking Muffitt vs Astro’s futuristic Scooby-Doo speak…”who’s caught in the (gravity) well boy?”  

  Barry Gavin Krypto the wonder dog on the tardis, the cyber men wouldn’t stand a chance, k9 zaps luthor in the ass

Google Plus, Public Post:

  Ben Rodick  Woof Woof to Arf Arf and vice verse?  
  Franklin Ross  Ruh roh!
  Jonathan Dalar  Is Alf a canine?  
  Ben Rodick  +Jonathan Dalar  Nope Alien Life Form
  Jonathan Dalar  No doggie aliens?  Could be…

Google Plus, Sci-Fi Community:

  Vicky Gallardo  I switch Mouse from the Dresden Files with Hagrid’s dog Fang from Harry Potter. Harry Dresden gets beat up a lot more (hard to imagine), and Harry Potter gets beat up a lot less.
Fluffy, on the other hand…
  Dalt Wisney  i don’t think boxee did very well. bidi-bidi-bidi….  
  Ergodic Mage  George Jetson gets a great workout every day, but the Doctor fails to stop the Sontarans from invading Gallifrey.  
THEY learn how to adapt in new environment and become smarter.
  Eddie McGarrity  Battlestar Galactica defeat the Cylons in one bite, while Dagget breaks down in Metropolis Main Street

Overzealous K9 murders the entire crew of the Galactica with its forehead laser.

Google Plus, Speculative Fiction Writers Community:

RUSTY:  What is it boy?  Has Bobby fallen down the well?!
K9:  Negative, master.  Sensors indicate the domesticated farm animal domicile is exceeding optimum temperatures for all known species upon this planet.
RUSTY:  Is the barn on fire, boy?!
K9:  Affirmative.RUSTY:  Go on, boy!  Go warn Pa!(K9 turns to warn Pa, and takes off at top speed.)
RUSTY:  Faster boy!  (Pause)  Go on boy!  (Pause, then walks slowly, keeping up with him easily)  You really have to run home, boy, it’s an emergency!
K9:  I am conveying myself at top speed already, master.
RUSTY:  (Pauses again, then picks up K9 and runs off with him)  It’s okay, boy!  We’ll go together!
DOCTOR:  A directed burst of arrollian energy might have produced this kind of damage.  (Thinks a moment.)  But that could only mean…
SARAH JANE:  It could only mean what, Doctor? (He does not answer, and instead, turns to Lassie)
DOCTOR:  What do your sensors tell you, canine? (Lassie sniffs the air, then barks.  She trots over to a hidden door panel in the wall, and paws at it, whining.)
DOCTOR:  Good dog!  You’ve found the lair of the Soggas!  Come along, Sarah Jane!

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4 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Canines

  1. Duct tape vs WD 40?
    Who rocked the tights best in the 20th century? Harrison Ford or Cary Elwes?

  2. What kind of foods do you not eat now, but would be willing to eat if you were faced with some kind of apocalypse that incapacitated your current food supply chain?

  3. SciFi Question of the Day: I’m at my first writers’ conference. If I meet another SciFi writer, should I BRAG about loving “Ancient Aliens” or should I deny I’ve ever watched the show?

  4. What obsolete tech do you wish was still around today? (Wait, did I ask that one already?)

    If a colony had a rule that all children, upon turning 16, would be sent to the same state-run University for free, but they had to sink or swim on their own merits with absolutely no help from their families until they were released from the school at age 22 (no such thing as dropping out) would you be willing to join the colony? Would you rather join a colony with no such rules, but the established elite has so much control that there’s virtually no chance of a newcomer prospering?

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