SciFi Question of the Day: Your Lightsaber is Actually a Sonic Screwdriver

Via Flickr Creative Commons by Spacmonster

Via Flickr Creative Commons by Spacmonster

SciFi Question of the Day: You wake up in a cell on an Imperial Starship. From the next cell over you hear someone say “You’re a little short for a storm trooper…” You reach for your lightsaber, only to realize it’s actually a sonic screwdriver.

What do you do?

Facebook Answers:

  Sarah Barnard Alohamora…  
  Barry Gavin Open the door and leg it for the falcon,  
  Sarah Barnard The Falcon? I’m running for Serenity, with Hermione in tow!  
  Dan Bressler Wait for the commotion to die down, then escape the cell and deactivate the shielding on the thermal exhaust ports before getting the heck out of Dodge.  
  AmyBeth Fredricksen LMVAO Sarah!!!  
  Sarah Barnard Well, if you’re going to play mix and match…. Unless River’s there, in which case I’m with her.  
  Charles Root Jr I don’t know, I’ve never seen an episode of Dr. Who, I know he uses that screw driver, but what does it do?  
  Sarah Barnard It sonics things – can open or lock doors, hack computers, scan stuff like a star trek tricorder.  
  Barry Gavin Everything except wood really  
  Tony L Vissoc Break into song?  
  Tyler Tygur Gurdak Wake up Captain Mal and tell him to get ready to misbehave…and nerd out big time!  
  Bernard Hildebrand Grab my towel, stick a fish in my ear, and don’t panic.  
  Glenn E. Smith I tell Jar Jar Abrams to stop $#%@ing up Star Trek.  
  Dave Schofield ask for fish fingers and custard :-0

Google Plus Answers, Hannah Johnson’s reshare:

   Annie Lewis  Sonic the door. Walk out, sonic the blasters. And than join Luke, Leia, and Han in saving the universe! Woohoo!

   G. Sowul   Trying to replay (head hurts) last night, to figure out, why I’m on wrong movie set..

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community:

   Gustavo Campanelli   I scan for lifeforms outside my cell, and when I detect none I open my cell.

   Terry Pold   After opening my cell I look out cautiously. Suddenly, all at once, and out of the blue, the shooting starts. I wait for the shooting to stop. Then use the confusion to make a run for the Tardis.  

   EB Taylor

Wonder what I’ve been smoking.

   Stefan Patelski   I start whistling “I am the Doctor”, the universal warning sign for bad guys to run away as fast as they can.   

   Nika Boyce   Grab my towel and stick out my thumb

   mike duron   I ask him what the person in the next cell told him, then make fun of his  shoes and tell him he’s no more than one generation from poor west virginia white trash and call him a rube and — oh, wait. oops…. 

   Kai Connell

Realise i’m in a cross over mash up and wait to be beamed out by Picard..

   Jonathan Dalar  Breathe a sigh of relief.  At least that crappy lightsaber has been replaced by the most efficient multi-tool of the future.

   R Ramarr   Don’t worry Rose is on it!

Google Plus Answers, The Whoniverse Community:

   Jenn Kirkland   Shout, “Geronimo!”

   Alaina Orban      first off they would have confiscated weapons… right?   


i brake the lock and hide on a blind side of the door… the trooper walks past with the prisoner i jump out and grab the short storm trooper in a headlock cutting off air supply! the other prisoner is stunned! “RUN!” i yell, he takes off down the corridor. the trooper passed out i close the door and switch clothes with him lucky for me hes not too short and it fits decently. i walk out leaving him out cold in the cell…

carry on people!:)

   r dautzenberg   My first thought would be : ‘am I ginger ?’

   Becky Szombathy   I would check my hair. Somethin’ tellin’ me my hair is big, blond and curly.

   r dautzenberg   you’d probably want a mirror too to check your curves 😉

   Mario Tello  First thing? Ask yourself, Am I ginger?

   Sascha Denby   Am I ginger, am I am girl, wait, no, OK, and have I got legs?

   Tiffany Marshall   Try to remember what I did with the T.A.R.D.I.S.

   Cassity Bible   Offer the other person a jelly baby.

   isaac eglash   I would give a short speech while useing my sonic screw driver to disable his blaster and com unit then I would sprint away

   Patricia Lavery   You realize you’re on The Death Star and need to get OFF it

Google Plus Answers, Public Post:

   RJ Blain   I’m not sure I could do anything — the world is likely about to implode from the severe amount of awesome that is Time Lords and Jedi / Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Darth Vader occupying the same space.

   Winged Nazgul   Look for my towel.

   Dan Thompson   I hop back in my Tardis, go back in time, and kill Anakin after Padme gets pregnant.  (I’d have killed him much earlier… except I have a thing for Leia, and I’m unwilling to erase her from existence.)

   James Karaganis   I would immediately kill myself to prevent the Empire from gaining the secret of time travel.

No, of course, I wouldn’t. I would use my sonic screwdriver to escape from my captivity in order to do something typically desperate and utterly irresponsible that somehow works out fine in the end.

+Dan Thompson   Why not just go back and kill Palpatine before he becomes a problem? Then he won’t be around to corrupt that teenaged Annakin Skywalker twit before he has a chance to grow up a little.  

   Emily Vitori   Reprogram the interrogation droid and escape, leaving the prisoner next door because unfortunately, the events around her rescue are fixed points in time and cannot be changed.

   Dan Thompson   +James Karaganis Why not just kill Palpatine early on?  I suppose, but I’m still tempted to wipe Anakin off the map for being such an angsty little twerp.

  Pat G   Grab my Batleth, jump into my Eagle and make for the Ark while dodging Shadow ships. And when I finally peel my face of the puke encrusted floor, swear never to drink another pan galactic gargle blaster again….

   Richard Robinson   Take my medication!!!

   Joanna Staebler-Kimmel  Hope to %deity that I’m sufficiently genre-savvy to get myself out of this mess.

  dab ten  i’d do the same thing as last time let them escape work my way down to the core and set the sonic screwdriver to explode the core after Luke takes his shot then get myself out of there using my time travel compass

SciFi Q of the Day 2013

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3 Responses to SciFi Question of the Day: Your Lightsaber is Actually a Sonic Screwdriver

  1. laramcgill says:

    Amy, bloody grand!!! Just what I needed at work today. I even showed one of my bosses and he even snorted some chuckles out. Which, if you knew him, would mean a lot. He’s a very quiet guy.

    I’m going to copy a link in my blog today so others can get a hoot!


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