Earth-Shattering Kaboom


Where’s the Kaboom? There Was Supposed to Be An Earth-Shattering Kaboom!

Facebook Answers:

  Linda A. Garvey Marvin the …..when he is trying to blow up the Earth…

  Booboo Wilde It was actually an boson-shattering kaboom, and the chain reaction is taking a bit. You should be okay to go out and grab a snack before the earth-shattering starts…

  Walt Marinkovits  don’t worry… it’ll come. after all…Obama is still president…

  Mark Greyland The Eludium Pew 38 Explosive Space Modulator! That CREATURE has stolen the space modulator!

  Bob Morris Being disintegrated makes me angry! VERY angry indeed!

  Mark Greyland I’m not angry…Just terribly terribly hurt!

  Dan Bressler No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow. What? Look, somebody’s got to have some damn perspective around here! Boom. Sooner or later. BOOM!

  Alan Couture That Earth Creature just stole my disintegrator raygun!!!

  AmyBeth Fredricksen I love it when Dan channels his inner Ivanova.

  Juno Suk There was a Kaboom. But no harm done. Turned on the bathroom fan and shut the door when I left.

Google Plus Answers, Science Fiction Community:

  Gustavo Campanelli  Said the now deafened scientist as he entered the afterlife he didn’t believe in.

  Michael Bernstein  Where’s my Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator?

Google Plus Answers, Speculative Fiction Writers Community:

  Lou Gagliardi  The illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator! That creature has stolen the space modulator!

  David Madden  +AmyBeth Inverness What?

  Sharon T Rose  My specfic always includes Earth-shattering kabooms.

  Jeremy Menefee  Classic!

  Louis Doggett  It happened in the sun, too far away for us to hear it but you should have seen the geyser of sun material in created.  Some scientists thought it was only a larger than usual flare.

Google Plus Answers, Public Post:

  Charles Barouch  It not Friday the 13th. It has been Monday all year.

  AmyBeth Inverness  AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SciFi Q of the Day 2013

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