Water Slides


That’s what I did this week.

Hubby and I took our girls to White Water Bay at the Great Escape in Lake George, New York.

How are the writing goals this week?


At least, as far as the family vacation days went.

I’m not going into the time lost because James Yee pointed me to a website offering a free (legitimate, not pirate) download of Dungeon Keeper. I’ve lost at least 10-20 hours of my life to the game in the past week. Seriously…bad juju for someone with OCD!

Cover 01 Garden of EdenThe good news is, The Garden of Eden Anthology is now available on both Barnes & Noble and Amazon! My short story The Genesis of the Incorporeum appears in this book.

Something odd happened, though, on the way home from the water park…

We stopped at a nice restaurant for lunch. It had a greenhouse packed with plants, which was enjoyable with so much snow outside. Among the plants were several garden gnomes.

The Biblical Legends Anthology Series is published by Garden Gnome Publications.

Coincidence? Or spies?

That reminds me… I owe Allen a guest blog post…Gnome 01

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