SciFi Q of the Day: Utopian Chickens and Their Motivation

Chicken picture shamelessly stolen from Geri's facebook albums because I'm pretty sure she'll forgive me when she wakes up and sees what I've done.

Chicken picture shamelessly stolen from Geri’s facebook albums because I’m pretty sure she’ll forgive me when she wakes up and sees what I’ve done.

SciFi Question of the Day: In a Utopian society, will chickens finally be able to cross the road without having their motives questioned?    

Facebook Answers:

  Mark Strock I always question the motives of chickens crossing the road

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Yeah, well, but that’s kinda your job…

  Matthew Brown especially the chickens with lips

  Perry Willis Only if foxes are the ruling cast.

  Alan Couture by the time there is a utopia chickens won’t know what a road is for they will go from egg to barbecue without seeing anything but cage.

  Sara LaMotte Ala “the matrix”, there is noooooo road……

  Kaith Rush They will be in little armored carrier suits crossing the fowl flight lines.

Google Plus Answers:

  David Litster  In a Utopian society, will I be able to ask any question that interests me, without it becoming about judgment?

  Carl Rauscher  I don’t think mankind is ready to learn what happens when you cross a road with a chicken. We can barely handle genetically modified corn.

  Charles Moore  Flying cars and/or teleportation. There will be no roads.

  James A Woods  Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

  Gerri Lynn Baxter  No. Because crossing the road makes a social statement depending on who is giving meaning to the chicken crossing the road. I have seven and a half pages of chicken crossing the road jokes to prove exactly such a point.

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3 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Utopian Chickens and Their Motivation

  1. Ashley Bazer says:

    Great responses! :o) Poor chickens. Always getting the short end of the schtick. ;o)

  2. This entertains me and gets me thinking. Can’t beat that.

    Now… Utopian Society not questioning chickens? hmm… Perhaps in total spiritual peace that allows their thoughts to transcend observations of this nature and exist as one with nature. (or maybe that’s some scifi writer’s thoughts 😉 )

  3. Charles Moore stole my answer!

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