OMG It’s Wednesday!

Update? UPDATE? Do I look like I have time to write an UPDATE?!?!


~deep breath~

Yes. Busy. In the best way. Rewriting/lengthening my previously published Lunar Shorts for my upcoming series The Cities of Luna. I’m also writing a few brand new stories, because they are knocking on the inside of my brain begging to be let out.

Most days have been “good” days. Not quite meeting the 2k/day goal, but I’m getting there. I’ve also been doing lots of planning stuff such as locating the cities on a map of the moon.

This map isn’t hard and fast…think of it as an electronic version of scribbling a story idea on the back of a napkin. It’s not meant to be perfect and pretty for the public to ooh and ah over…it’s meant for me to keep myself consistent regarding how the cities are related to each other and to the Apollo landings. And it’s not finished yet. Here’s what it looks like so far:Lunar Chart NASA with cities

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7 Responses to OMG It’s Wednesday!

  1. Kristen says:

    Mapping the moon. I like it! Good luck hitting your 2K a day goal. That’s what I want to up mine to if I can get a couple of weeks down for 1K without slipping. 🙂

  2. shanjeniah says:


    I LOVE your Lunar Cities concept, and that map of the moon – I’m drooling! =)

    I’ll be following your progress, so I know when I can buy this! =)

    Sounds like you’ve got lots going on, even if you aren’t quite up to that 2K you want. Progress and creation count, no matter how many words they come in! =D

  3. Ivy says:

    You’re very welcome! To me, one of the core poseurps of TRDC is to exchange concrit. I’ve also been guilty of posting something without thoroughly proofing it first! But a blog, unlike a regular publication, is designed for off the cuff writing and it’s perfectly fine if something gets out there before it’s perfect.I loved the word gluttony ! I think I recognized the idea of gluttony=indulgence, but I wasn’t sure if it meant something else. Sometimes when I ask about another writer’s words, it turns out that it’s just a colloquial phrase in their part of the country that I’ve never heard.Keep writing! Even with babies underfoot! Mine is three and almost completely potty trained, but she frequently gets in a MommyMommyMommy! mood and I can’t get anything done.

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