Bunny with her moon dragon.

Bunny with her moon dragon.

Thank God It’s Back To School!

In July, I told my new publisher that, if a miracle occurred, I could get get her twelve re-written short stories by early August. I went on to say that mid-August was possible, and that I was confident I could get them in by the end of August.

I’m on target for the end of the month. We’ve tweaked a few things, such as leaving some stories at around 2k as long as they’re going into a collection. I’ve written several new stories that are 5k or longer. In September, we’ll be editing and deciding which ten stories go in the initial collection and which stories will be the first to be sold individually. One of those will probably be Moon Dragons.

Uncle Dave has told his nieces and nephews stories about the moon dragons for years. Can there be some truth behind the legends?

I’ve had mostly very good days writing-wise this week. The main exception was taking the family to the fair on Sunday. Ten hours of rides and fun with hubby and the kids! It was the best family day we’ve had in a long time.

My teenager had Freshmen Orientation today, and is all set for 9th grade. I had to do some arranging and talking and even a little complaining regarding the accommodations for her special needs, but it looks like everything is in place now.

My 6yo’s teacher sent all the kids a little plastic bag with glitter in it along with an adorable poem about “glitter jitters” and how the glitter would help her sleep if she put it under her pillow. It worked!

I don’t get instant relief the day school starts. Although hubby’s taking care of our first-grader (posing as “Bunny” from Moon Dragons above) I am walking our teenager into school every morning and picking her up at the end of school. Hopefully, by the end of the week she’ll be comfortable enough that we can just drop her off and let her walk in on her own.

Next week…next week I should finally be back on my ideal schedule where hubby does the morning run and I can sleep in. Not “sleep in” like being lazy…but readjusting my sleep schedule so I can write at night when everyone else is asleep. By then I’ll have my dozen stories in to the editor, but there’s always the next story to write, and always a story waiting to be edited and revised.

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3 Responses to TGIBTS

  1. Every time there is a change in schedule, such as kids going back to school, there are a few bumps in the road. Sounds like you and the rest of the family are adjusting, though, and moving forward. Best wishes with finishing your stories. It sounds like you are on track.

  2. John Holton says:

    An example of “times change, and we must change with them,” isn’t it? Your family needs you now, but it sounds like things are starting to settle down. Meanwhile, good luck with the collection.

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