The End of My Exile

We've got our Colorado hats all ready to go!

We’ve got our Colorado hats all ready to go!

Hubby and I have lived in Vermont for more than eighteen years. We bought and sold our first house here. Both our children were born here.

But we don’t belong here.

My tagline has always been

  • A Writer by Birth
  • A Redhead by Choice
  • An Outcast of Colorado by Temporary Necessity

I grew up in Colorado. That is where I belong, and hopefully soon we’ll be back there.

I’ll have to change my tagline…

Daddy graduates squareNew England was always supposed to be a temporary location for us. IBM had moved my parents to Vermont, but several years ago they retired and moved away. Two life events are prompting this move to happen now: My parents have decided to sell the house we rent from them, and hubby just got his bachelor’s degree. (Yeah hubby!)

He’s applying for jobs (not quitting his current great job as Assistant CTO until he’s found a new position) and getting the house ready for the sale. We hadn’t planned on this happening at this time; we thought we’d have a few more years, at least. The change in plans has us scrambling to purge as much extra stuff as we possibly can, while reassuring our daughters that this move is a great thing for our family.

So what does that mean for my writing career?

Good things, mostly. I have a lot of wonderful connections with Pike’s Peak Writers in Colorado Springs, which is where we hope and plan to move. My geographical address doesn’t matter very much at all. Most of my interaction is online, and most of my work is saved to the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

However, the impending move itself puts a huge kabosh on my writing time. My main concentration is currently to query From Earth to Kingdom Come in hopes of landing a great agent. I’m steeling myself for the next stinging rejection. Meanwhile, I keep writing. Some things are for projects that are ‘on down the line’ and a few are for current submissions.

One of those is due today. I’m not sure I’ll finish.

That first part of my tagline A Writer By Birth is very true. Whether or not I get paid, I will always write. One of the benefits to being self-employed is that I can choose when I need to be extraordinarily productive, and when I need to put my writing on hold for a while. I have two kids, one of whom has special needs. Every once in a while, life says “All thine attention shalt be concentrated here and now and nowhere else for a set time as yet to be determined by something completely out of your control.”

Like, needing to move because our home is being sold.

Let’s hope a new job for hubby comes through before the sale of the house does.

Meanwhile, this is coming up in just FIVE DAYS!

This Saturday!

This Saturday!

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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2 Responses to The End of My Exile

  1. vtcrusade says:

    Hey, I’ll miss seeing you guys around, or doing photo shoots in various grocery stores, but good luck in Colorado. I honestly can’t wait to move out of Vermont as well. I hate the liberals here, I hate the winter, I hate the taxes.

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