Gearing Up

COL generic bannerLife is exciting!

I have a contract with Dingbat Publishing to release one of my stories from The Cities of Luna every full moon! The first one, Grands, comes out on August 29. I’m gearing up for promo, figuring out what makes sense for the long term. A huge push in the beginning would not be very productive for one short story. I’m thinking about doing a campaign with a blog tour and other stuff in November, when three stories will already be out, another will be imminent, and the Christmas sales are just starting. Or maybe I’ll throw a “Day We Left the Moon” party on December 19… In the meantime, I’ll work on spreading the word and move toward making sure people recognize my name and, more importantly, know that they can get a new lunar story with every full moon. Consistency is very important to success.

Meanwhile, I’m not only busy getting these stories ready to go, but I’m still working on various other projects, both in the self-pub realm and the traditional publishing realm. I like the idea of having a mix over the course of my career, although I prefer traditional. I like the team approach to success.

So…my ROW80 goals?

Roughly speaking 1k is OK, 2k is great. I’ve had some days when I didn’t keep track. Also, with short stories, sometimes I switch WIPs and lose track of how much I’ve been writing. However, I can honestly say I have been very busy and productive with all writing-related things this week, and a good chunk of that has been actual writing.

Anyone else in ROW80 counting in ‘writing-related-stuff’ in their goals? Editing? Promo?

Has anyone discovered the magical unicorn of successful promo yet?



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8 Responses to Gearing Up

  1. I always count promoting, editing, etc., in my list of goals along with the actual writing. And even though most writers don’t like those chores as much as the actual writing, I think everyone else counts them as well.

    It sounds like you have a good game plan, though, with your full moon series. Best wishes for great success with it!

  2. Kristen says:

    So cool about your series! Congrats to you! 😀

  3. denizb33 says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming release!
    Argh, promo… social media is fun, but I don’t think I could ever get up in front of a crowd at a bookstore…

  4. Cindy says:

    Nope, I am still hunting the elusive beast! 🙂 Just trying to get something published…lot o’ rejection letters lately.

    Congrats on the publishing deal!!! I’m so happy for you!! ~does a happy dance~ I like the full moon release dates. It’s different!!! Okay that is enough exclamation marks for today. 🙂 Here’s to a great week!

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