The Sneaky Kind of Procrastination

They're watching me...

They’re watching me…

My plan and intention each week is to do my mid-week update posts on Tuesday night, then stay up late enough to be one of the first to link up as soon as the #ROW80 linky goes live. With the chaos of the last few months, I often end up posting on Thursday or later.

This week I was determined not to post late. I wasn’t going to repeat the same old “Yeah…uh…I still don’t have it together…” post. Tuesday afternoon I started thinking about what I was going to name this week’s update post, and I realized I hadn’t written as much as I’d intended. There was still time, though, and I opened the WIP.

I didn’t get any writing done last night. I accomplished a number of writing-related tasks, such as promo, but I ended up on the couch with hubby, which was also an important thing to do.

I wake up in the wee hours almost every morning of my life. I know how to cope with the brain rush, anxiety attacks, and other demons that plague me. Most of the time I am able to get back to sleep.

This morning, it wasn’t as much anxiety as it was a story knocking on the inside of my brain. It’s one I’ve been postponing because I wanted to finish the short I was working on first. This morning, I gave in and started the new story which will probably be around 8k when finished.

And the good news? I can now write this post and say “Yes! I did write several times this week.” I’m a sneaky procrastinator.

A favor, please?

13 GraciousIn addition to the 5k short stories that come out with every full moon, I occasionally put out a shorter story for free. Gracious is the latest. Smashwords lets me make the book perma-free, but Amazon is more complicated. Can you please copy the link for the free Smashwords story (or go to Itunes and get that one) then go to the Amazon page for Gracious and click the ‘tell us about a lower price’ link. Eventually, Amazon should price-match, and make the story free.

Gracious on Smashwords:

Gracious on Amazon:

Tell Amazon Lower PriceThanks so much!

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5 Responses to The Sneaky Kind of Procrastination

  1. Congrats on getting some writing in. I have the opposite problem with my stories. They rarely wake me up, but they often keep me up. I am an insomniac, so I’ve actually started giving myself some writing time late at night. I end up sleeping in, which isn’t a big deal since I work from home, but I get a lot more writing done that way. I find there are fewer distractions at night. It’s this wonderful, peaceful time of solitude when I can get work done.

    Good luck with your stories!

    Oh, and I told Amazon about the lower price (free–yay!). 🙂

  2. ReGi McClain says:

    Submitted price difference. 🙂

    With all those wide eyes watching you, how do you get ANYTHING done? *shudders* I’d be too scared to blink. 😉 😛

    Woohoo new story! Those are always so exciting. It’s like the first bite of a yummy dessert when you’re actually hungry for it. Nom nom nom.

  3. I also have the same problem with stories in my head waking me up at all hours of the night. I used to sneak out of bed and into my office to write them right away, but as I am getting older, that sneaking out of bed is more of a challenge and I usually roll over and go back to sleep. Thus, losing many stories. -sigh-

    I did the Amazon lower price thing as well. Best of luck with that. I’ve dealt with Amazon and those free things as well. I don’t know why they are such a pain.

  4. Lia says:

    Are you serious about beating procrastination? I’ve been struggling with mine for the last 10 years and read countless books and self help methods. Here is what I’m having best results with. First of all, procrastination bulldozer method has worked wonders for me. I highly recommend you apply it. Secondly, whenever you have a task that takes less than 5 minutes to do, do it right away. No delays. I’m really starting to take control of my life now.

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