Summer has Begun

We're taking advantage of the free days at Denver's various museums.

We’re taking advantage of the free days at Denver’s various museums.

I’ll make this a short post.

Summer has arrived. We’re doing summery things, although hardly any of it is structured.

I am doing barely OK with writing goals. I’ve downsized to three days a week. By the end of June, I need to ramp that up to a more reasonable rate. Although I have a half a dozen or so professionally edited shorts ready for publishing in The Cities of Luna, I really need to get on the ball with new stories. I’m halfway through a good one, and I have a couple of others churning in my brain. Meanwhile, I’m also working on a story for a contest, and although it is completely stand-alone, it could be a prequel to the CoL.

Lots of work to do. I’m interviewing again, which is tons of fun esp since there are so many local writers I can not only interview, but meet in person! I am going to change one thing, though. I’m going to downsize from 20 questions to 13.

This Friday I’ll post the interview with Rebecca Hodgkins. You can get a little preview on Youtube here…

Do you always wrestle with your demons? Or sometimes do you just snuggle?

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  1. Hooray for short stories. I hope to have a couple shorter works out later this year (novelette length, technically). Good luck with yours, Amy, and enjoy your summer activities. 🙂

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