The Third Round’s a Charm

Photobombed by an Alien

Photobombed by an Alien

Round Three Has Begun!
We’re off to a …well…we’re off.

I’ve been accomplishing a lot. The writing hasn’t been there as much as I need it to be, but it’s there. One night I stayed up until 5AM to finish a story. I brought a notebook to the fireworks show so I could write during the 5 hours leading up to the finale. However, even though it is now July 6, I have not added any words to my Camp NaNoWriMo project.

My goals for this round:

1.Write at least five days a week.

  • Less than 1,000 words, but more than zero is not-so-great, but acceptable.
  • Between 1,000 and 2,000 words is all right.
  • More than 2,000 words is good.

2. Promo something six days a week.

3. Finish The Beekeeper’s Mother by the end of July


I will be leaning heavily into getting my wordcount in, even when there is a ton of other work to do. All that other work is worth nothing if I don’t actually write. It’s good to have a story going in a notebook even if the main WIP is on the computer. If I add 100 words to the notebook, it still counts as a writing day.

I have two medium-term-goals that go just beyond this round.

First, I want to finish my urban fantasy novella  The Beekeeper’s Mother by the end of July, and have all the editing etc. done by the end of the summer so I can release it in October. It’s the second book in Lillie Lane, my urban fantasy series. Every novella is made up of three short stories. Each novella stands alone, with brand new characters. I’d like to put these out once a year.

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Apollo missions, beginning with the tragedy of Apollo 1 in January. I plan to put together a collection of The Cities of Luna and release it in November, both in electronic and paperback form. There’s a lot of work that still needs to be done…

Who’s doing Camp NaNoWriMo?

New project? Or finishing up an old one?


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9 Responses to The Third Round’s a Charm

  1. I am at 1,543 words so far. Took Fourth of July weekend off. Thinking of what to do for my birthday next Monday July 11. Any suggestions?

  2. shanjeniah says:

    If it says NaNo on the label, I’m in! This month, I’m also running behind at the moment – lots of other things that need tending to, as well. But I know there’ll be a surge once I get some of the other things smoothed out, even through the chaos that is July for me.

    Your goals are good ones! I think you can do this (and that photo is definitely chuckle-worthy!)

  3. Awesome goals, AmyBeth. Like you I aim for 2,000 words per day. That’s the ideal. But if I only get 500 words on the page, that’s 500 words that weren’t there before, so it still counts. The Beekeeper’s Mother sounds fascinating. What’s it about? I have a soft spot for novellas, and I love the idea of a novella made up of short stories. Would love to read that one!

    • The Beekeeper recently passed away. The three short stores are:
      The Beekeeper’s Mother
      The Beekeeper’s Widow
      The Beekeeper’s Daughter

      After he’s gone, they discover that there is a thriving colony of fairies living with the bees. His mother knew…but she’s kinda loopy and no one ever believed her.

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