Sick Week

The first two books in the Biblical Legends Anthology series came out in paperback!

The first two books in the Biblical Legends Anthology series came out in paperback!

The nice thing about a career as a writer is that I manage my own time. If the family needs me, or I have functions to attend, I can rearrange my schedule to accommodate it.

The downside is that, if I’m sick or too many things pile up, all my responsibilities and deadlines are still there. It’s all waiting for me when I get back to work.

I once worked for a craft store where the bosses were very flexible and understanding. I came down with a flu-like thing that wiped me out for a couple of weeks. I still wasn’t feeling completely better, but I went back to work. The bosses rearranged my schedule so that I could work shorter shifts. I wasn’t getting as many hours in, but at least I was getting something.

Another job I had was completely different. I was answering phones in a large call center, with my every minute tracked. We learned during training that, if we were sick, it was better to stay out for a couple of days to make sure we were feeling better before returning to work. If we were out sick one day, then came to work the next, but then sick again, it counted as two occurrences. If we just stayed out all three days, it only counted as one occurrence. A man once had a heart attack at work, and his wife, who also worked for the company, went to the hospital with him. They both earned occurrences for the incident.

At the moment, the IRS considers my writing to be an expensive hobby, not a career. Hopefully someday soon that will change. I am definitely moving in the right direction.

Goals? Actually, I did a fair amount of writing, thanks to my serialized novella. Being sick this week has put me behind in a lot of things, including uploading Sheepless in Seattle which comes out Friday. There won’t be an interview this week.

Here are some nice things that are happening:

The first two books in the Biblical Legends Anthology Series are out in paperback! Both of these have my incorporeum stories.

The Genesis of the Incorporeum appears in The Garden of Eden.

The Immersion of the Incorporeum appears in Deluge.

The Remorse of the Incorporeum appears in Sulfurings, which is available in e-format and hopefully will soon be in paperback.

A new story in The Cities of Luna comes out with every full moon! This Friday’s story is Sheepless in Seattle.


I’m pantsing serializing a novella on the All For Science Website. You can read chapter one If Bubbles Had Bones and chapter two The Windshield and the Bug now, and the third chapter The Lack of a Doorbell will be up on Sunday.

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