The IF in SciFi

scifiI am constantly amazed at the insightful, well-informed, funny and ironic answers I get on my SciFi Question of the Day. Of course I get trolls, too, and the inevitable random “Hey! That’s not science fiction!” comment, but most of the resulting convos are fun, entertaining, and often informative.

The category of comments that just makes me shake my head is the “It wouldn’t be like that” way of thinking. In the past couple of weeks I’ve had people say “A rotating station wouldn’t have gravity simulated like Earth’s, it would be lighter,” as well as “The moon will have miners, but Mars will have a civilization,” and, when I specifically gave the parameters that there was an additional (and heavier) level below Earth-norm on the station, someone said “there wouldn’t be anything below Earth-norm.”

Some people have strict predefined notions about what the future will be like. One notion is that life in space will be sterile and resources sparse. That’s likely, especially at first, but it’s hardly inevitable. Others envision various dystopian scenarios that, although possible, are certainly far from a sure thing.

When I designed the space station for my serialized novella Tumbleweed (which, by the way, is the name of the station) I purposely made it as diverse as possible. The Chʼil Awoshí Station is a conglomeration of modules, all built by different entities for different purposes. It is important that some inhabitants look at their neighbor’s module and ask “Why did they build it like that?” Not only is conflict important in a story, but it is also a realistic reflection of how people really think.

I’ll be writing the second story in Tumbleweed  for NaNoWriMo this year. I wanted to finish the first story, a novella that will probably be around 30k, before NaNo begins, but I’m running out of time. But I have an ace-in-the-hole… my 3rd grader has a four day weekend, which means I don’t have to get up early for the next four days. That equates to more writing time because I don’t have to get her ready for school, and I don’t have to take a nap because I only got five hours of sleep overnight. I am also fortunate that my goobear is very good at entertaining herself as long as she has internet access!

My daily writing habit is improving, but not yet up to where it needs to be for NaNo. My ROW80 goals state that I write at least five days a week, and I think I did four this week. Of course, for NaNo that should be even more, but if I take a day or two off each week, it can still work.

If you’re doing NaNo, buddy up with me! The link takes you to my profile. I’m USNessie there and everywhere.


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