Same ‘ol Song and Dance

I’m finding it hard to break out of the “Life is do difficult and overwhelming right now I can’t possibly slow down to write!” schtick. Nevertheless, I persist. I’m finding that quote more and more inspiring these days. Like the symbolism of a comma or semicolon in the context of “It could have ended there, but it didn’t.” I want a semicolon tattoo someday.

As soon as I hit the publish button on this blog post, I’m going to add a chapter to my memoir about my first year dealing with diabetes. This one’s about cauliflower. (And no, it isn’t a success story.)

I’m still working on the handwritten novel. I’m enjoying that… it lets me add comments and doodles which really helps my creativity. The negatives are that 1) I have no backup if I misplace a notebook, and 2) it is almost impossible to go back through what I already wrote just to remind myself what I named the cat, since I forgot to put it in my notes.

My writing goals have been more miss than hit this week, but I’m still here.

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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1 Response to Same ‘ol Song and Dance

  1. nagrij says:

    I loved handwriting my own work… right up until I read it again; it’s much harder to correct that way. Good luck, and don’t worry about a return to ‘normalcy’ in writing; if you have to be spotty, and that’s the new ‘normal’, then it’s whatever works.

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