The Future

It frustrates me to look back on my posts for the last year and a half and see the repeated theme of “…this is a transition time…I’m not where I want to be…it will get better soon…” When we moved from Vermont to Colorado, I knew there would be a chunk of time when my writing had to take a back seat to the logistics of relocation. In my mind, though, I thought it would be no longer than a year.

Hubby has been working a low-paying job since we moved, and I’ve put my energy into taking care of our girls. Our youngest is now nine, and our oldest is eighteen. She has special needs, and is about to do her Senior year of high school before going into a transition program.

In August, the hubs will start a new job that brings us up into a living wage, with opportunity for advancement. Hopefully this means I will be able to breathe again, and put more energy into writing.

My ROW80 Goals:

I’m doing some writing every week, but not as much as I’d like. Today, hubby took the girls to the park so I could have some time, but an hour later they came home because Bunny got a boo-boo. I’m still working, just not doing as much as I’d hoped.

Good news! The Futurescapes Anthology is finally out! Futurescapes challenged writers to imagine how a city of the future would be inclusive of citizens with disabilities. As a mom to a disabled teenager preparing to navigate the world as a young adult, this theme spoke to me.

My story With Her Blessing appears in this anthology alongside stories from Fran Wilde, David Bruns, Amy Mrotek, Kevin Jesse, David Brin, Malka Older, Anjali Sachdeva, and Mary Robinette Kowal. It’s available in both e and print formats on Amazon. 

Fyodor grew up as the child of a martyr. His father, one of the early space pioneers, died while working to make space accessible to all of humanity. Now that his own children are grown, Fyodor’s career is leading him in his father’s footsteps. Although he knows this is the right step for him and the company he has helped run all his adult life, his family have their own feelings on the matter. He may never have his mother’s blessing; she can not forgive Fyodor’s father for leaving them.

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