Volunteer Work

With M.B. Partlow and Linda Tshappat at a PPW event

I’m applying to the local fabric store as seasonal help to get us through the next few months and, hopefully, to have some money for Christmas. Even with hubby’s new job, money is very tight. I looked for proofreading or editing work, but the only jobs in that category were full time positions that included a lot of other duties as well.

Meanwhile, I have a plethora of volunteer opportunities in front of me. There are things I’d love to do not only because they give back to the community, but because they interest me and help further my career goals.

I can easily give my time away. Hardly anyone wants to pay me for it.

I’m trying to finish transcribing Twenty-first Century Airship Princess and get it into shape before the contest deadline of November first. I have some notes for NaNoWriMo prepared, and I’ve picked out a few actors to use as character inspiration. I’m using my Kingdom Come universe because it’s already established and I don’t have to worldbuild, I just have to figure out how this story (Coward of the County) fits with the previous story (The Scar) and the other stories that will be in the set I call The Fall of the Adelaide Faire.

It’s frustrating that I have a hard time juggling the family’s needs while getting enough writing and transcribing done. It’s more frustrating knowing that I need to add part time work that is completely unrelated to any career goal. At least it’s something I do enjoy, and I can get a lot of Christmas shopping done on my employee discount. It is also seasonal, giving me an easy out before the spring semester starts and I go back to school.

Very few writers make even a reasonable part-time salary at the craft. Only a very few are able to make it a financially viable full time job. Still, that is the goal, for me anyway. Even if I never have a best-seller or wide recognition, I’d like to at least make enough money for it to be worth my time.

Not an expensive hobby.

Not a volunteer position.

I want a career.



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1 Response to Volunteer Work

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I know the feeling, AmyBeth. I love that you’re working at it, and learning. Sorry that you need to take a job, even part-time, but happy you can maybe get one doing something you enjoy, and with the perk of gift possibilities (and maybe story ideas?)

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