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Just Say N0! I mean YES…I mean…

I’m a proud Steeleworker. No, I don’t climb skyscrapers and eat my sack lunch sitting out on a steel beam ninety stories above the ground (although that does sound fascinating.) I’m a fan of Dayna Steele, radio and television personality, entrepreneur, … Continue reading

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Biblical Ancient Aliens

I have an unhealthy addition to Cherry Coke and H2’s Ancient Aliens. The good thing is, both fuel my writing. The Cherry Coke though, is particularly bad for me. I’m trying to quit. I’m not about to quit Ancient Aliens. … Continue reading

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When the Wedding Isn’t the Climax

Skip down to ROW80 with me… I just wrote a wedding scene. The story is romance…SciFi Polyamorous Romance, to be specific. But this doesn’t mean I’m almost done with this WIP; this story still has a ways to go. I … Continue reading

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Struggling and Straggling

I’m struggling this week. We’re four weeks into the semester, which means I’m grading papers, which I loathe. I want to just assume that my lectures are so brilliantly inspiring that all my students will breeze through all the assignments, … Continue reading

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Na-No a Go-Go

Here’s the quick and dirty update! The graph says it all… I learned something this week. Or, rather, something I already knew was confirmed. Posting a story on the blog and putting up a generic call for beta readers and … Continue reading

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