And the Characters Take Over

The other day, Jane Kindred tweeted that one of her characters was demanding a story of his own.  I’m not sure whether or not she gave in…

I know exactly what she means.  I had planned to spend April doing Scriptfrenzy, but although I did write an entire outline for a Star Trek TOS episode (Intended for submission to Phase II) and I used google translate to create some alien terminology, I have yet to read through the submission guidelines and write out either the story treatment or the actual script.

I also only got halfway through Lahla Land, and it’s a short story that really shouldn’t take me too long.  I’m debating whether my characters would have sex on their first date, or whether I want to have them wait.  Not that I condone having sex with someone you’ve barely met, but… it might be something these characters would do.  Then again, I market myself as writing “Sweet” stories, and that kind of relationship just doesn’t fit in with my meme.

What I did do today was write 2,326 words of a new WIP.  I wanted to step away from Kingdom Come for a while, but like Jane’s character, mine were fighting to have their story written.  I’d been making notes, but the voices not only became insistent, but I was seeing the opening scene play out in my head.

I had to do it.

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2 Responses to And the Characters Take Over

  1. Jane Kindred says:

    That’s how Belphagor got me, and continues to get me every time. He’s now insisting on a very *not* sweet (and yet totally sweet) scene with Vasily while I’m in the middle of someone else’s story…and I *still* have to get the back story down that this other character, one of the Nephilim, refuses to shut up about.

    Then there are other characters, like Ola Vasilyevna, who just won’t cooperate at all. She’s the MC, and she’s as stubborn as a mule. It’s like pulling teeth to figure out what she wants.

    Good luck wrangling yours. 😉

  2. Thanks Jane!

    At least the current characters knocking on my brain are for a story that I think and hope will be more marketable than my original three… this would be a good story to introduce readers to my world in general. So, although it’s a distraction, it’s actually a step in the right direction. It just means I’m not following through with the script thing, which I told several friends I would play around with… eventually!

    I’ll tweet Ola and ask her what she wants. I’m sure that will help!

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