Precious Time

While interviewing Rhiannon Ellis, I was impressed with her ability to refocus amidst the chaos of small children and write in the moments grabbed here and there.

As I write this, my own three year old (also named Rhiannan, but spelled one letter differently) is taking stickers off my arm and putting them onto herself. I stopped typing while she did so. Who knows what nonsense would end up in this post if I split my attention like that?

Two things happened today that will greatly affect my time in the near future.  First, I completed a proofreading exam and may soon be proofreading M/M erotic romance for a publishing house.  I don’t get paid, but I get experience, discounts, and a few other privileges.  The second thing that happened is that my first choice (and hopefully only choice) agent is doing a webinar next month on querying!  This is a chance for me to not only send her a query, but guarentee that she will read it and give me feedback.  But the trick is, I’ve decided that the WIP is going to be the queried book… not the three that I’ve already finished in rough draft form!

But all is not lost.  I have the ability in me to churn out the necessary words. I have the story in me, and I’ve been frustrated at the lack of time for NOT doing laundry, and doing what I love most… writing.

I’ve set a new goal.  Write the thing in the next couple of weeks.  Beg Geri to proofread it for me, even if I have to promise to dedicate the whole darn thing to her if it ever sees the light of day!  (Or perhaps I will just give her my firstborn child… I always thought her youngest and my oldest made a cute couple!) And then edit, all in less than a month so I’ll be ready to send a well prepared query that represents a well thought out novel.

Wish me luck.

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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  1. Good Luck!! On your side!!

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