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Real Life

We all hear it so frequently in the writing community. “Real Life Got in the Way.” The demands of day-jobs, family, personal health and a million other things get in the way of meeting writing deadlines, whether they’re contractual or … Continue reading

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About Damn Time

One of my Kingdom Come novels has the working title About Damn Time because the theme is that a visitor to Earth from Kingdom Come has trouble adjusting to Earth’s shorter days. This is not about that novel, but it … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Planetary Time

SciFi Question of the Day: Your colony is on a planet whose day is approximately equal to 19 1/4 Earth hours. Do you continue to use Earth time and say your day is 19 1/4 hours long? Or do you … Continue reading

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Precious Time

While interviewing Rhiannon Ellis, I was impressed with her ability to refocus amidst the chaos of small children and write in the moments grabbed here and there. As I write this, my own three year old (also named Rhiannan, but … Continue reading

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