My Beloved

Yesterday I was feeling somewhat lovey towards my hubby, and thinking about composing a blog post about how much I appreciate his support and love not only with my burgeoning writing career, but life in general.

Then he went and one of those things that all husbands do and all wives hate and I spent the next few hours wondering how and why I could possibly have married a man who does that.

And then I got over it.

Hubby is sick today. It started last night, and he actually left the dinner table he was feeling so miserable. I wasn’t surprised to see that he’d stayed home from work, and I kept one eye on him all morning.

Around noon, I carefully asked how he was feeling, but for very selfish reasons.

I wanted to do #5MinuteFiction on Leah Petersen’s blog. Knowing I only have a very brief window to see the prompt, write something, then post it, I could reliably predict that something (probably kids) would explode at exactly that moment.

Fortunately, hubby promised to man the fort while I participated, and he even gave me a 3 minute warning as I was running around doing laundry and stuff. He made sure our 3yo did not bug me, and he even withheld a bit of news from a friend till I announced I was done.

With that success, I decided to take advantage of him further, and I moved upstairs to the bedroom where I have an actual desk, and fewer distractions. I posted a sign announcing #AmWriting, Interruptions will be tolerated if they are brief and/or very important. To cushion the blow, I cut out a little heart and wrote Mommy Still Loves You on it. So far, I’ve only been interrupted once, and it was my 3yo wanting a hug.

Ah, blissful time! Even though I had to spend 20 minutes cleaning clutter off my desk (It hasn’t been used in about a month, with two separate sets of guests) I’ve been able to accomplish a lot. The relative importance of what I’ve done has yet to be determined, such as adjusting my Google+ profile so that when people hover over my name, they see “Wherever I can write undisturbed” which is my location. To get that, I had to type it into the primary places I’ve lived and I had to leave blank the space that says employer. Hopefully, google will eventually let us fill in this hover blurb ourselves and control what it says about us.

And then the best thing happened. I was chosen as a finalist for #5MinuteFiction! I ran down and told hubby, thanking him again for guarding me while I wrote.

I have so much writer-related stuff to do. Some of it is actually writing, believe it or not! I’ve had a story fermenting that I want to post with John Quinlan’s interview this Friday. I also have his interview in a draft already, and I have to add in a bunch of photos and links and a few afterthought touches. I already did my link-up for The Red Dress Club today, and…

Holy %)!@$ Batman! It’s Tuesday! I’m not supposed to writing an off-the-cuff blog post, I’m supposed to be posting another SyFy Q of the Day!

Excuse me… I’ll be right back…

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