Photoshopping Experiment

I got interview questions back from John Quinlan today, and the collection of photos is growing ever larger!

One request was to have a pic of John in a kilt, but alas, there is none.

John however, being the sweet guy he is, said “Go ahead and photoshop one onto me!”

Well, since John models underwear, I have an almost endless supply of scantily-clad hunkiness over which to photoshop a kilt.

I uploaded to facebook, google+, and twitter, asking if anyone would like to take up the challenge. (I’m not that great at photo editing, see the header with the skytower and spaceship? Yes, that blob of pixels is a spaceship, dammit, can’t you tell?) and we might soon see some results… I hope. I wanted people to be able to post the pics as comments on this post, but alas, I can’t figure out how to make that work. So, if you feel like showing off your photoshopping skills, have at it! And somehow let me know and we’ll figure out the best means to share it.

John has sent me over 50 photos to use, and encouraged me to use them on stories and stuff too. If you ask him, I’m sure he’ll be happy to grant permission for you to use a pic on a story or blog too!  Here’s a sneak preview of some of the shots he’s shared.

The shortlink for this post is

Male Model John Quinlan in Ed Hardy 2

Diego Barberi Model John Quinlan

John is second from the left, in red.

2001 Promo

Musclemania Model Universe Competitor John Quinlan on Stageby Photographer Luis Rafael


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