Oh, You’re Just Writing…

I have high hopes for this week. Big kid has big kid camp, and is gone most of the day. Little goo has Vacation Bible School for a few hours in the morning.

I’d love to be able to write at church while she’s in VBS. I’ve set aside About Damn Time for a few weeks and I’m working on a faith-based romance called Mascots. What better place to write a faith-based romance than church? It’s a fairly large building, and I could probably find an empty room or a corner somewhere to use. I like the idea of being on hand, being able to use the entire time to write instead of commuting back and forth between the house and church.

What I’m worried about is the “Oh, You’re Just Writing…” interruption. Although my own family recognizes writing time as important and productive, most of the world does not. Especially as a pre-published writer, it’s hard to tell people “Please leave me alone. I’m busy.”

I already feel guilty enough that I’m not volunteering with VBS. When I found out that my three year old was old enough to participate, I was so happy! I e-mailed back to say “Yes, she’ll be there!” and got e-mail back saying “Great! Are you sticking around to help?” This was not an intentional guilt-trip. I have always volunteered at church in various capacities, but I try to balance my life and not burn myself out like I did… oh, many years ago and a whole other story.

We only live a few minutes from the church. Maybe I’ll compromise and let them know I can stick around the first day, and then I’ll just drop her off and pick her up the rest of the week, coming home in between.

Can any other Moms identify with me that, no matter what I choose, I will feel guilty? Either guilty that I’m selfishly using VBS time to write instead of helping my church, or guilty that I didn’t take this opportunity to work on, and perhaps even finish this novel?

So, ROW80 is kind of back on track. I don’t think I’ll be able to claim victory when time is up and all is said and done, but I am definitely on a more productive track now.

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5 Responses to Oh, You’re Just Writing…

  1. Way to go being back on track! And the guilt thing? We need to stop feeling so guilty for saying no sometimes.Yeah, I feel guilty if I don’t help with things at church, but sometimes you have to let other people do some things. We have to have a balance in our lives, and most of us don’t take care of ourselves as much as we should because we’re too busy taking care of everyone else. Just my opinion. LOL

  2. Putting on earphones and a serious scowl while you are writing can put up a barrier people have to overstep to interrupt you. Though your face might get sore and you may feel that you are offending people that mean something to you.

    If you are only a few minutes from church rather go home than try and work under tense circumstances. I have become much more particular about where I write and thus have become more productive. Don’t compromise yourself.

  3. part of being connected is the guilt thing – I swore i never would and trod my solitary contented way – no commitments just me – then i was responsible for aging mother disabled sister and although i missed the kids guilt thing it caught up with me this end of life – its part of being human and caring. Dont fret – if you were an office mum they wouldnt expect – youre at home writer same – different place. All the best for this week

  4. @Gerhi… that sounds like my friend’s “Greyhound face”. It’s a whole persona he puts on whenever he has to ride a bus, just to make sure people leave him alone lol!

    It was surprisingly productive. My little goo clung to me at first, so I stayed and watched the Veggie Tales cartoon with her. Then I gave her hugs and kisses and ran away! I hid up in the church’s balcony, which was empty, quiet, and had an electrical outlet for me. Since the WIP is a faith-based romance, and the characters just ~happened~ to be running their own Vacation Bible Camp, it was really inspirational to be able to sit in the sanctuary while writing. I plan to do the same tomorrow.

    @Albertarberta… Thanks! It’s possible I’ll be headed into the “sandwich zone” where I’m still taking care of my kids while I’m taking care of my aging parents. But even with that in mind, I wouldn’t mind adding a couple more kids!

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