Labor Day Weekend 3 Day Novel

It’s almost noon on Saturday, much later than I intended to start, but I was able to do my daughters’ hair with matching ribbons before sending them off to the fair with the babysitter, and we had a big breakfast as a family.

I think the 2 biggest preparations I did for this weekend were to work through the aspects of the planet and setting I’m using, and to figure out a location where I could work undisturbed.

I’d live to give a big sarcastic Thank You to my local Barnes & Noble, for not answering any of my messages. The young lady who answered the phone was very helpful, polite, and straightforward about the fact that my idea of “camping out” there to do this novel might not be welcomed by the management. She forwarded me to the person who handles events, but that person never answered.

It’s probably for the best. I ended up holing up in a lounge at the Williston branch of Vermont Technical College, down the hall from my hubby’s office. I have internet access, a bathroom, a small kitchen, desks and couches, and most importantly– the building is going to be deserted all weekend! I think this bodes well for getting a lot done.

So why am I wasting my time writing a blog post? For a warm-up, actually. Yes, I do have the distracting internet windows open. Twitter, facebook, g-mail and Google Plus. On facebook, I have a lot of notes people have been offering about the planet, as well as the pictures of model Ophelia Overdose I’m using as inspiration for the FMC (Female Main Character) I’ve asked her for permission to share a particular photo with you while I write, but she’s doing a show in Montreal this weekend and is probably too busy to answer right now.

A little bit about the story:

It is Science Fiction Romance, set on a planet called Vardalos which is slightly smaller than Earth. Vardalos was pulled out of its regular orbit by a the close passing of a rogue planet called Digiss Tso, but ironically that made it more suitable for humans.

Humans have a starbase there, as well as several other outposts related to the starbase, and the cities that go with them. So, not a huge civilization. Also, there is a race of aliens called the Icnoyotl (The local yotls? lol! I just thought of that!) who used to use the planet as a base, but when they saw Digiss Tso approaching, they made plans to partially abandon it. They made contracts and treaties with the humans to be able to maintain a few research facilities there, even though the Icnoyotl would have to stay inside very carefully controlled environments.

Vardalos is still rather unstable, with unpredictable weather and earthquakes.

I have no idea where the plot is going to go.


Audacity Reneigh Liakos has led a rather sheltered life as the daughter of one of the most prominent and successful businessmen on Vardalos. Since losing her mother and sister in the aftermath of a tidal wave, she has served as the main hostess of all the social events her father hosts as part of his position in society.

Audacity loves to dance, and her favorite hobby is adapting the traditional dances of Earth to the lower gravity of Vardalos. She dreams that, if she lived on one of the more civilized planets, she could be a famous dancer.


John Quinlan as Chance MacNamara

Chance Scott MacNamara  is middle management in one of the mining companies on Vardalos. He might wear a tie to work, or he might have to get covered in dirt. Most of the mining happens in the asteroids, but Vardalos is the clearing house and refining center for all the ore before it gets shipped out.

Chance loves sports, and he gets a kick out of how he can jump higher and throw further than the pro athletes he watches from the civilized worlds. But his family responsibilities keep him tied to Vardalos, and although he’s a great athlete, he doesn’t have a chance at ever being a pro.

That’s about all I have worked out so far. I didn’t want to over-think the story too much… I write better when I pants it, and with a #3DayNovel, pantsing is the only option!

Time to refill my drink, take a bathroom break, and start the first chapter “Sneezes”.

Oh, and I think the story will be called “Audacity’s Chance”

One thing the contest requires is that I have people provide a character witness saying they know I really did write the thing in just 3 days, that I didn’t cheat and start writing in advance! I do have people here who can do that for me, but it would be GREAT to read some comments from people saying “I just saw your twitter update of ____words… way to go!” or “Write faster!”

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8 Responses to Labor Day Weekend 3 Day Novel

  1. kirstie says:

    hey hun cant wait to read this and yes iv been reading ur twitter updates. hope its going well and glad u finally found a nice quiet place to work undisturbed xxx

  2. Sheela Kishan says:

    Good luck Amy..Can’t wait to read it

  3. Thank you all for the kind words!
    I’m starting out Sunday morning at 6,400 words, and hoping to at least triple that today.

  4. At 11:10 pm on Sunday Night, September 5, 2005, I wrote the line “Banjo just hoped the purple polka dotted dragons flying overhead had full control over their bowels.”

    I’m done. 12 Chapters and an epilogue. 22,926 words. Not as many as I’d hoped, but definitely a good word count.
    I’m happy. I’m not going to attempt any more editing. I did go over the first half once, but I just don’t have the time and I know it would just make me frustrated. So here it is! I’m tired, but I feel great.

    Now the waiting begins. I don’t think it’s a winning story, but I like it. It turned into being mostly a sweet little love story in a SciFi setting, but it’s enjoyable.

    As long as the dragons control their bowels…

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