What Would Have Been

I enjoyed writing Synaesthesia and posting it one chapter at a time on the blog. I decided when it was finished that I would take a few weeks off, then begin another serial in the new year.

For a while I thought I’d post Give Me Your Answer Do, my steampunk mermaid story. But I need to read more steampunk before I finish that one. Another idea was to take the novella I wrote for the 3 Day Novel Weekend, Audacity’s Chance, and put it up one chapter at a time. (Judging for that contest should be over in a few weeks. I’m quite sure I didn’t win, but an honorable mention would be nice.)

Then another story started knocking around in my head, wanting to get out. Marie Antionette kept popping up on my radar, and I took that as a sign I should write this story for my next serial novella.

What Would Have Been follows several characters as they find themselves in a world both familiar and strange. I’m pantsing the story, so I’m not exactly sure where it will go. It began with the idea that some people have a great deal of unfulfilled potential simply because of the time and place into which they were born. Marie Antionette was not a selfish brat, she was a child with a great deal of power thrust upon her, and a completely ridiculous set of expectations from the French aristocracy.

The story has elements that remind me of John DeChancie‘s Castle Perilous, and some that remind me of Roger Zelazny‘s Chronicles of Amber. It will probably dance along that line between SciFi and Fantasy.

The shortlink for this post is http://wp.me/p1qnT4-yo

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